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Asked: 4 years ago

How do i get power armor training?

I have some brotherhood armor but dont know how to get the training...where and who do i talk to?

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From: Reaper315 4 years ago

Option 1.
Complete The quest chain for The Brotherhood Of Steel They are located in the hidden valley in One of the bunkers
Option 2.
Do The Companion Quest For Arcade Gannon

this info can be found on The fallout Wiki

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Either follow your main quest to Yes Man (he will tell you where the Brotherhood of Steel (BoS) are), or go straight to Hidden Valley solve their questline.

I haven't tried Arcade Gannon, but I know he's ex-enclave and can wear Power Armor himself, so that could easily be accurate.

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You gain it after completeing Still in The Dark and Eyesight To The Blind for Elder McNamara, or by completeing Still in The Dark, making Head Paladin Hardin elder,and then comleting Tend To Your Buisiness for him. After doing any of these you have to ask to join. If Hardin is made elder, wait 2 in game days before returning to Hidden Valley. If McNamara is still elder, I beleive that you have to wait like 9 days. (I only did this with Hardin but have read about getting it with McNamara)

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^^^^^^^^ The above answer is for Brotherhood of Steel armor.

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