• Cheat mode

    At the start of a new game, enter one of the following codes as your name to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    332044291,000 BP
    4683647810,000 BP
    18499753100,000 BP
    423482945,000 BP
    26037947500,000 BP

    Contributed By: redshark300.


  • Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified Trophy. There are 52 Bronze Trophies, 2 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Advanced (Bronze)Win the Brave Battlers Tournament.
    Amazing Shot (Bronze)Collect three or more Fuel Pick-Ups in one shot.
    Aquos Master (Bronze)Win twenty battles using Aquos Bakugan.
    Aquos Spiraler (Bronze)Win a battle using the Aquos Spiral Special Shot.
    Bakugan Emperor (Platinum)Get every trophy in the game.
    Bakugan King (Silver)Win the Ultimate Battle Tournament.
    Bakugan Master (Bronze)Win the Bakugan Master Cup Tournament.
    Bakugan Pro (Bronze)Win the Maximum Power Tournament.
    Battle Professional (Gold)Win ten Gate Cards in a row.
    Beginner (Bronze)Win the Neo Challengers Tournament.
    Best of the Best (Gold)Make it into the number 1 spot in the Bakugan World Rankings.
    Challenger (Bronze)Make it into the top 500 in the Bakugan World Rankings.
    Contender (Bronze)Make it into the top 100 in the Bakugan World Rankings.
    Customer (Bronze)Shop at the Store.
    Darkus Master (Bronze)Win twenty battles using Darkus Bakugan.
    Darkus Phantom (Bronze)Win a battle using the Darkus Phantom Special Shot.
    Domination (Silver)Win a game against every character in Story Mode.
    Elite (Bronze)Make it into the top 10 in the Bakugan World Rankings.
    Explorer (Bronze)Unlock all battlefields in the Park.
    Extremely Wealthy (Bronze)Earn 50,000 or more total Ranking Points in Story Mode.
    Full Deck (Bronze)Collect all Gate Cards.
    Grand Battle Brawler (Bronze)Win fifty 1 on 1 Battles in Story Mode.
    Great Shot (Bronze)Collect three or more Battle Items in one shot.
    Haos Light-Bringer (Bronze)Win a battle using the Haos Lightning Special Shot.
    Haos Master (Bronze)Win twenty battles using Haos Bakugan.
    Intermediate (Bronze)Win the Supreme Tag Team Tournament
    Loaded Deck (Bronze)Collect all Ability Cards.
    Mighty Battle Brawler (Bronze)Win twenty Battle Royales in Story Mode.
    Miracle Shot (Bronze)Collect ten or more G-Power Pick-Ups in one shot.
    Patron (Bronze)Spend at least 30,000 Bakugan Points at the Store.
    Pyrus Master (Bronze)Win twenty battles using Pyrus Bakugan.
    Pyrus Striker (Bronze)Win a battle using the Pyrus Strike Special Shot.
    Reliable Battle Braweler (Bronze)Win twenty Tag Team Battles in Story Mode.
    Rookie (Bronze)Finish the tutorial in Story Mode.
    Shaking Guru (Bronze)Win five Level 3 Shaking Battles in a row.
    Shaking Master (Bronze)Win five Shaking Battles in a row.
    Shooting Guru (Bronze)Win five Level 3 Shooting Battles in a row.
    Shooting Master (Bronze)Win five Shooting Battles in a row.
    Smashing Shot (Bronze)Break an obstacle on the battlefield.
    Sphere Attack Master (Bronze)Make ten successful Sphere Attack or Critical KO shots.
    Sphere Attack Sensei (Bronze)Make twenty successful Sphere Attack or Critical KO shots.
    Sphere Attack Student (Bronze)Make a successful Sphere Attack or Critical KO shot.
    Stand Your Ground (Bronze)Perform twenty Double Stands.
    Staying Power (Bronze)Perform five Stays.
    Steering Ace (Bronze)Steer a Bakugan for at least ten seconds.
    Subterra Master (Bronze)Win twenty battles using Subterra Bakugan.
    Subterra Smasher (Bronze)Win a battle using the Subterra Quake Special Shot.
    The Whole Gang's Here (Bronze)Unlock all characters in the Park.
    Through Their Eyes (Bronze)Play as every character in Battle Arena Mode.
    Timing Guru (Bronze)Win five Level 3 Timing Battles in a row.
    Timing Master (Bronze)Win five Timing Battles in a row.
    Tourist (Bronze)Play in every battlefield in Battle Arena Mode.
    Ultra Shot (Bronze)Collect three or more Hyper Ability Cards in one shot.
    Ventus Master (Bronze)Win twenty battles using Ventus Bakugan.
    Ventus Stormer (Bronze)Win a battle using the Ventus Storm Special Shot.
    Wealthy (Bronze)Earn 10,000 or more total Ranking Points in Story Mode.
    Where Will I Put Them All? (Bronze)Collect every Bakugan in the game.

    Contributed By: Mookiethebold.

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