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hi, does safety car will be in the new F1 game to PS3 in 2010? 3
Crash Damage? 1
How do you talk to a press conference in the game? 3
Is there qualifying? 4
for events like the german GP does it have both tracks alternating each season? (hockenheim 2010, and nurburgring2011) 1
Can I change team I accepted offer from by mistake? 1
Do you have to use a code to play online? 1
Any one know how to get the "Perform A Perfectly Timed Pit Stop" trophy for F1 2010? 1
Is there truely a glitch in this game that corrupts you profile save? 1
  • Total Answered Questions: 9
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
How many degrees support for logitech g27? 0
What steering wheel will be usable in F1 2010 ? 2
Why does my thrustmaster firrari wheel not work with f1 2010? 1
R&D diffrent paths help? 1
I am doing a 7 season career. when do I get a Ferrari or McClaren contract offer? 3
Should I buy this for the PC or the PS3? 3
Anyone know the meaning of columns A and S on the timetrial leaderboard and what triggers the symbols to be highlighted? 2
Catalunya Difficulty? 1
Even though a have taken part in all three practice sessions i can't get the practice makes perfect trophy? 3
How do I set flags to reduced? 1
  • Total Open Questions: 11

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