Question from sifutruman

What is wrong with the button cinfig?

I don't about this but, is there mp, or mk in this game or the 3ppp or 3kkk in the controller config? I was really let down of this game because previous MvC series had it, and thats how i played it. I'm hoping they could patch this soon, I'm really disappointed in capcom for this.


unphaque answered:

to do a mp or mk you have to first hit the opponent with a lk or lp.
Example. X(lk) X(mk) O(rk)
square (lp) square (mp) triangle (fp)

so you cant have a mp or mk come outta nowhere.
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mvc2_fr34k answered:

In reply to Unphaque, you can have a MP come out with select characters by hitting d/f+hp or d/f+hk, only if their middle attack is a launcher.

MvC2 has had the 4attack + 2 assist layout since its release in 99
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