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8 hits Juggernaut headcrush?

Is anyone good with the 8 hits juggernaut headcrush? I mean, without a turbo controller, is it possible to get 8 hits out of this move? do you alternate button mashing or do you push them at the same time?


RHS_1 answered:

I've seen up to 6 hits for this. Im sure you could get 8 if you hit your opponent 2 times before the headcrush. I dont think it is possible to get 8 hits just with that.
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RHS_1 answered:

Look at this
Before he does headcrush the hit counter is 20 and then when he does it it is 26
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mvc2_fr34k answered:

You can only do the full 8-hit if you do a full-screen and start mashing immediately. It's super hard, but totally possible.
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