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Is Prinny,Flonne,Etna and the other characters are playable charcters? 1
Downloadable Content? 1
Worth it? 2
Is this game? 2
Any Co-op? 1
Hidden characters? 2
How many chapters in trinity universe ? 1
Max Level?? 1
Is this a classic RPG? 6
DLC - Need to buy? 3
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Lyrics for the opening song in English? 0
Where can I find the Easy Ring Trick ? 0
How to get secret characters? 1
9999 All stats, any other challenge? 4
How do u get Suzaku ? 3
When does the game allow you to save? 2
Walkthrough pleaseeee? 5
How do I drift more dungeons? 1
Where can I find Anchor? 1
How can i level up quickly? 1

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