Question from Giratinalga

Instrument Compatibility?

Can RB instruments and older GH instruments work like in WT?


enricks2 answered:

RB instruments will function, but: RB drums sacrifice the orange cymbal, and the double kick pedals don't work correctly (if one kick pedal is held down the other kick pedal will not register hits). RB guitar solo buttons will not function as GH slider buttons.
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Armyourself answered:

The double kick works fine.......
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enricks2 answered:

t doesn't work fine for double kick (when used as I stated). On the RB drums if one kick pedal is held down the other kick pedal will not register a hit when used. This has been a known issue when using RB drums with double kick pedals in GH games.
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Armyourself answered:

Then just don't hold them down... Its not that difficult to do, I play expert + with a rock band kit and double kick and I'm fine.........
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enricks2 answered:

The fact is that GH pedals do not miss those hits and some people (presumably 50% or more) play pedal down. I simply made that point for awareness as a complete answer to the question. 100% compatibility is sacrificed due to the points I described.
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Stone500 answered:

The official RB2 second kick pedal works fine in this game.
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jasonftfw answered:

Ion Pro Drummer will not work. It always craps out about 40 seconds into panama in the career intro and gives an error message to check that all pads are connected properly. they will be, but then when u try to start a song again without quitting the game the orange pad now shows up in the highway and ur officialy screwed.
I want to yell at activision for that one cause i paid all the money for the ion drum kit which rocks, and now theyre going to lose me as a customer over something this stupid.
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garlicbananas answered:

The compatibility for instruments is the exact same as Guitar Hero World Tour.
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Ironboy317 answered:

Yes, if u use rock band 2 drums w/ the cymbals, the accent notes (the notes that have a shell on it) will activate.
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