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Asked: 4 years ago

Mature Content Filter?

Will the game have a mature content filter?

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From: Roweanos313 4 years ago

i hope not. more blood more guts mean LESS annoying brats.

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Doubt it but its treyarch and the view on cod is a bit more graphic than IW like in COD WOW but hey whats a war game without gore, they may include a filter to appeal to youger audiences but its highly unlikely.

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im with Roweanos313 on that one

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Yes, there is an option to remove mature content.

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You can remove gore. Once you start the single player, it will ask you if you want to remove gore. Even if you choose yes, you can still change your mind later on.

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I thought it was stupid how it let youskip the airport mission in MW2. It was an excuse to beat the level on veteran without even playing it, yea i skipped the level on veteran, so what? i beat it automatically. I hope black ops doesnt have the options of skipping levels, sure the blood and gore could be filtered but im gonna agree with Roweanos313 because more blood and more gore would be great. Considering the game is RATED M18 SO LITTLE KIDS SHOULDNT EVEN BE PLAYING! so screw filtering stuff out for them.

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