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Where can I find an overhead view of the zombie maps?

i had this in the board section but i guess it got deleted because it was really a question rather than a discussion. Im looking for a map of the five and kino der toten zombie maps. I know your thinkin like "wtf is wrong with this guy" but i like to know the layout before i play. I had maps to the old zombie maps, but now there are new ones so id like to know where the power switch is, teleporters, best guns, perk machines, etc. if anyone could find a site with these new zombie map's overhead views that would be great. thankyou.

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accinelli you spamming b-stard i reported you to the site admins and told them ive seen like 20 of your posts ALL THE SAME so i hope they ban your ass off this site. and i bought the strategy guide so thanks to chili_and_rice for the info.

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chili_and_rice answered:

The prima strategy guide has layouts for the zombie maps, you could always try and bittorrent the guide. It's only been two days, so unless you download it you'll have to wait for someone to make it or explore around yourself.
Of interest, in Kino Der Toten, there are crude maps in most rooms in-game showing all the stages in the level.
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UltimaDagger answered:

I think it's still too early for anyone to create a complete overhead view of every map. Best thing I suggest you to do now is play any map but leave a crawler at around round 10 or so and explore it for yourself.
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