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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I kill the Gorilla in Dead Ops?

What is the point of the Gorilla?

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From: Nowe242 4 years ago

The point of the gorilla, to my understanding, is just an annoyance until round 30. notice it kills u when u hit its red ring?

Dead Ops is about the Cosmic Silverback. so a Silverback Gorilla in a space suit?

I think u face him on the final level of Dead Ops, AKA, level 30. hope this helps :)

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Well theres a hint at the bottom of the screen sometimes before you start the game that says the fate of friendship will greatly increase your chances of defeating the Cosmic Silverback. so there IS someway you can kill him. But level 30 isn't the last level, i got to 34, hellhounds started coming

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How do you unlock dead ops?

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You get Dead ops by leaving the chair at the main menu by pressing the triggers repetively, the go behind the chair and use the computor, enter with the keyboard DOA then you have unlocked Dead Ops Arcade

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The gorilla is simply a boss. It takes a lot of time to kill him, and you have to fight him and his "minions" when you reach level 40, which is the last level. As far as I know, it takes about 3 nukes to kill him.

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