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What is ninja pro?

What is ninja pro and is it even worthwhile?

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da_dude001 answered:

You should use this for any search and destroy game if possible. This is because many people listen to hear footsteps, however other game types do not demand this perk as much.

Ninja, on its own makes your footsteps quieter than normal.
Pro version completely silences your footsteps and makes it easier for you to hear other peoples footsteps.

To get pro i recommend to play demolition, simply play a few games where your main focus is to plant the bomb, not your KDR. A good way to do this is to wait until someone plants the bomb at one site. This tends to move the enemies attention to that bomb site and therefore allowing you to plant the bomb at the other site a lot more easily.

IF you were to use a different perk for perk 3, i would only recommend Hacker.
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UltimaDagger answered:

It's suppose to make you completely silent and hear other people footsteps louder. But I heard from a lot of people that it's not working. I don't really use this perk at all a lot anyways.
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evil1361 answered:

Makes you completely silent and you can hear footsteps works I stopped usin my turtlebeach cuz of my USB ports and I don't mind when using ninja pro
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Iwanagi answered:

It makes your footsteps Silent, and makes it where you hear your enemies's footsteps louder.

Great for you if you're a Sniper, a SMG Rusher, or just like moving.
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Kwak360 answered:

With just ninja your footsteps can still be heard but with Ninja Pro you are COMPLETELY silent and can hear enemy footsteps louder. You can barely tell the difference between the 2 and it is a lot of trouble to get. If i were you I would stick with second chance, marathon, or hacker.
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