Question from oh6swat

What is the purpose of the intel?

The code to unlock all the intel items works but what is the intel for? Wht do you get out of it?


dman3981 answered:

Well there is 3 intel on each level and basically it just contain bonus information on the game like background information on the characters, the missions that took place or events going on during the timeline of the game. Some of it is base on historic fact and some is base on the stories fiction. To see the intel go to campaign section under the main menu and then there is an option on intel.
Also if you were to unlock all the intel without the cheat you would get a trophy for it.
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mgss2 answered:

to make sense there you can informe of the cia secret ops and experiments like MK ultra thats base on torturing to make mind control thats why Mason can see,hear and decode numbers
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