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Any unpatched zombie glitches in black ops?

Does anyone know any unpatched zombie glitches in black ops and does anyone have any tips to get the zombie trophies? Also does anybody know how to get on top of the roof outside in Kino Der Toten because I saw some people get up there?

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broken_angel_13 answered:

I know the infinite monkey glitch. After you throw all 3 of the original toss a frag and run over it until it gives the option of picking it up, press L2 instead and youl throw another monkey. The trophies demand sacrifice. You need either an upgraged ballistic knife or crossbow. With the knife hit a downed ally and they are revived. With the crossbow its best to wait until your ally is down again and then shoot them when theres at least 6 zombies. To get all the guns just grab one and use it until you run out of ammo, by then you should have enough points for the next gun. As for getting ontop of the cinema, i dont know. I only know on the pc version you can use a code or get into a modded game. Hope any of this helps.
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