Question from KyuubiNaruto27

Asked: 4 years ago

What is the difference between the reflex and red dot sights?

I have used both and i cant tell the difference. I dont know if there is one, but i was hoping for some imput. Thanks for the help!

Accepted Answer

From: gold3472 4 years ago

Actually, both maistro and komediyen are wrong.

The reflex sight has slightly better zoom, but it provides less peripheral vision.

The red dot sight, as you guessed it, has more peripheral vision, but slightly worse zoom.

n0ah is also wrong in the sense that the reflex sight only has the appearance of a scope, but it is technically not a scope.

In all honesty, it's all down to your preferences. Want more zoom, get Reflex. Want more vision, get Red Dot. I personally use both since I see virtually no differences.

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The reflex sight is more accurate than the red dot sight, and you can change the reflex's sight color and shape while the red dot sight you can't.

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HE IS TOTALLY WRONG LET ME TELL U THE RIGHT ONE: Red dot sight is a more widely sight that makes you see where u aim more widely so even if you aim at a wrong point, ull see the enemy and then aim at the right place, but with the reflex makes u see more limitedly...accuracy same...color and shape options same,red dot seems better and provides great aim with high recoiled guns,if u want to see ur camouflage more,u should use reflex, I ALWAYS CHOSE THE RED DOT SIGHT IN ALL SERIES 4567.

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The only difference between the two is that the reflex sight is a scope and the red dot is just a sight.
they dont do anything different. IT all depends on the way you want ur gun to look becuz some people might find the way the red dot sight looks when its put on certain guns

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Also, you CAN change the reticle and lens on BOTH sights, unlike what maistro said.

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