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How do I get the mystery box to show up??

I've been playing Zombies "Kino Der Toten" for a while and every now n then I noticed that some how the mystery box appears b4 anyone gets to the room to cut the power on. Does anyone know how to do this????


thegoodfightman answered:

Here's how the box works and how to find it.
The random box's first spawn is in a random room. I cannot guarantee that you find the random box on the path you are on, but I can promise that the first spawn will never be in the room you start in or the film room. Sometimes it's in the theater, sometimes it's not. Its location is revealed when you turn the power on, on a wood board with a map of Kino Der Toten and some lights. The green light indicates the box.

Hope this helps!
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Spartan_Jedi117 answered:

thegoodfightman is right. Not only on Kino, Ascension uses TVs found above the Box spot, Call of The Dead uses the lighthouse to show the Pap Machine and I believe a beam of light shows the Box's location if you look up.
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