Question from daltongang1890

How do i turn on bots?

I'm trying to play mulitiy player with my firends and I can't swich the options for the the game type, and I don't know why, I was playing on a friends x-box at his house and he could, whats up? do i need to up date the game or what do i have to beat single player or what? Thank you the help and sorry about any bad spelling, I really want to play against bots with my friends.

daltongang1890 provided additional details:

On my friends x-box we where offline, and not conected to x-box live, can you even use bots on the ps3 or if you can do you have to be online. we only have the can for one night can anyone please help?


Spartan_Jedi117 answered:

I can see a few reasons why...First off, you asked for the PS3 version. Now my theories...Are you hosting the game(s)? Are you using your own set of rules for the game types? And finally...Do you even have a PS3 and PS3 copy for Black Ops?!
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cr4zyyxm4n answered:

Go on combat training and press edit game options and set the bot difficulty and how many bots you want on.
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