Question from Dice_14

Asked: 4 years ago

Golden Weapons?

Can you purchase the golden weapons before reaching 14th prestige?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Ok I see well it doesn't matter anyway. The only gun I wanted Golden is the Desert Eagle but its not in-game. and even if it was it couldn't get a gold version of it.

Accepted Answer

From: MR_OUTCOLD 4 years ago

Its not just 14th prestige, you have to buy each gun the gold camo.... also it costs 50,000 cod points per gun for gold... takes a while to get them

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I don't think so... But you can try them in split-screen offline if you really are desperate to see them.

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The 14 prestige and its yours)

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14 then u got it what ever gun u WANT

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