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Asked: 4 years ago

How do unlock the Classic Zombie Maps?

How do you unlock the maps from WaW? And why are they not already predownloaded on the game!?

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From: Spartan_Jedi117 3 years ago

My last stands. But I found out on the 23nd of August, will the Classic Zombie Maps come out. And about time too

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You had to buy the Hardened or Prestiege Editions to get them.

They may be released in a future DLC, though.

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You can only get the classic zombie maps if you buy the Hardened or Prestige edition of the game.Sorry

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Sadly, the classic Zombies map can only be gotten from pre-ordering either the Harden or Prestige Editions OR game sharing with someone who did pre-order. Also they will NOT become DLC

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Now if you wait a couple months, you can buy the Rezurrection Map pack with those four maps and a new one too.

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Rezurection map pack, you get all of them and a new one moon, which is REALLY hard.

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