Question from infamousjg

How do you win an inferno match?

Every site ive been to online says to drag your opponent to fire. ive done that several times and nothing. While on the other hand the computer has thrown me out the ring to win. help please. thanks in advance


Double_J3000 answered:

In order to win an Inferno Match, you have to do moves until the temperature of the fire is at 500 degrees, then grapple with your opponent and drag him to the fire. He will then be thrown over the ropes and set ablaze.
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Goon100 answered:

Keep doing strong grapples til the temperature reach 500 and drag them to the ropes
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ucantcena4 answered:

when you're standing up with the opponent dizzy u have to press R1 and R3 up and then it tells u to drag them with L3 and u win
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BKGlover answered:

Beat him senseless, then throw him out by pulling him towards the ropes.
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SmegBug2 answered:

Make sure you drag your opponent to the middle of the ropes, if you drag him too close to the corners it won't work, he'll counter.
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coronamon999 answered:

Press R1 while pressing the Right Stick then it will tell you to move with the Left stick like that just keep titling the stick until you are closer to the ropes then its Done.
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Rugitenks answered:

Its really simple, when your opponent is dizzy then press R1, the small button at the corner of the remote then press the right analog stick at the centre means R3 then press quickly the left analog stick at the centre means L3. Thats it !!
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