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Dragonball Raging Blast (Playstation 3 version)

Goku FAQ and Guide

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Version History Ė 

Saturday 20th of March 2010;
Started the guide! I did the Introduction, the Contact Info, and the 
Why Goku? sections and also did the original written profile. Letís 
see, I also listed the controls and started on the Moveset section.

Sunday 21st of March 2010;
Well, today I finished the moveset and added Some Goku comboís for 
you to try out! 

Monday 22nd of March 2010;
Pah! Sorry guys and gals, you wouldíve had this FAQ earlier, but 
GameFAQs rejected it because, get this, they said it ďwasnít 
completeĒ. Duh, thatís why I listed it under partially finished 
guides. *Shakes head* Anyways I added the Transformations content 
today. I also listed all his special moves for each form.


Contents Ė 

I) Introduction
II) Contact Info
III) Why Goku?
IV) Profile/Bio
V) Controls
VI) Moveset
VII) Some Goku combos for you to try out
VIII) Transformations
X) Special Thanks
XI) Closing Comments


I) Introduction

Konichi-Wa! Nikku here bringing you yet another character guide! 
Well, after much thought, I finally decided to start a character 
guide for Dragonball Raging Blast, the ďnext gen TenkaichiĒ for the 
Playstation 3. Whilst lacking in some areas, I kinda liked this game 
better than Tenkaichi 3, but Tenkaichi 2 is still my favorite 
Tenkaichi game. Goku has always been my favorite character in DBZ so 
I thought Iíd make a guide about him in Raging Blast. 


II) Contact Info

If you have any questions about this guide, game, or character then 
gimme a call... well, an e-mail that is. My e-mail address is;


Feel free to ask me anything related to the guide! Be warned that any 
e-mails insulting the guide or me will be laughed at, shown to other 
people and laughed at some more before being deleted.


III) Why Goku?

Well, as stated above, heís my favorite character and he always has 
been. He never gave up, he was always improving his fighting 
abilities and skills and he was always entertaining to me, even if he 
was just shown sleeping! What I also loved about him was how naÔve he 
could be most of the time and when he wasnít fighting he was having a 
laugh with his friends or eating truckloads of food or training. I 
also love playing as him in Raging Blast. Iíve always used Goku first 
in every Dragonball/Z/GT game Iíve ever played/bought and with this 
game it was no different. Iíve always found it interesting to see 
what new tricks heíd have up his sleeve in each new game... wait, he 
doesnít even have sleeves!!


IV) Profile/Bio

Goku is not from this planet, heís an alien known as a Saiyan from 
the Planet Vegeta (originally known as Planet Plant before it got 
taken over by the Saiyans). Goku, whose original name was Kakarot (a 
pun on Carrot), was originally sent to Earth to destroy it, but a 
serious injury to his head sustained when he was just a little tyke 
scrambled up his programming. From that moment onwards, Goku became a 
peaceful fun loving boy with no memories of his mission or Saiyan 

It was only after his older brother Raditz arrived that he learned of 
his true heritage. During the fight with Raditz, Goku wound up 
sacrificing himself to stop the barbaric warrior and received 
training from King Kai in the Other World. When he returned to Earth 
after being wished back by a wish from the Dragonballs, Goku fought 
and defeated Nappa, who had come in search of said Dragonballs with 
his ally Vegeta. Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince, was the next to fight 
Goku. Although they were both evenly matched, Vegeta proved to be 
slightly stronger and almost killed Goku in his Oozaru form, only the 
timely intervention of Gohan, Krillin and Yajirobi prevented Gokuís 
second death.

Vegeta was eventually defeated and left Earth, vowing revenge and now 
viewing the ďlow class warriorĒ Goku as his rival. Gokuís next 
adventure came when he travelled to Planet Namek in search of the 
Namekian Dragonballs, which were much more powerful than the Earthís 
ones which were now rendered inert because of Piccoloís unfortunate 
death. On the green colored planet, Goku fought and defeated several 
members of the Ginyu Force before facing off with the powerful tyrant 
known as Frieza, supposedly the strongest being in the universe. Goku 
sustained many injuries against Frieza, only defeating him with a 
massive Spirit Bomb, however, Frieza survived and out of retaliation, 
murdered Gokuís lifelong best friend; Krillin. Flying into a rage, 
Gokuís hair suddenly became a radiant golden color and his power 
level shot up to extreme heights; he had attained the legendary Super 
Saiyan form. 

Goku bested Frieza and was thought dead on the exploding Planet 
Namek, but he survived and travelled through space trying to learn 
how to control his ferocious new power. Once he returned, he was met 
by a young man named Trunks who claimed to be from the future. The 
boy even startled Goku even more by announcing that Bulma and Vegeta 
of all people were his parents. He also told Goku of a dangerous 
coming threat in the form of two killer androids which would arrive 
and kill the Z fighters in three years. Trunks gave Goku a small 
bottle of medicine for a nasty sounding heart virus that Goku would 
catch around the same time and left for the future. 

Three years later, the Z Fighters were shocked to learn that what 
Trunks said was coming true. Two androids known as Android 19 and 
Android 20 (in actuality Dr Gero who constructed the androids) landed 
in a large city and began causing horrible destruction, including 
almost killing Yamcha. Goku led them away from the city and began a 
battle with Android 19, but something seemed to be amiss; Goku was 
breathing heavily and seemed to be weakening. It was only then that 
Gohan pointed out that his father was suffering from his heart virus. 
After being saved by his rival Vegeta, Goku was taken back home to 
recuperate by Yamcha and after what seemed like an eternity, he 
finally recovered, determined to gain more strength, determined to 
surpass even a Super Saiyan. 

He took Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta to a room in Kamiís Lookout known as 
the Hyperbolic Time Chamber; a room in which a person could live out 
one full year in just a day. After Vegeta and Trunks had finished 
their time inside the room, Goku and his son entered. At this time 
Vegeta purposefully let Cell (a new powerful villain) absorb the 
Android known as Eighteen and as a result, Cell became much more 
powerful than the Saiyan Prince and his son. Whilst in the Time 
Chamber, Goku and his son trained to rid themselves of the strain 
caused by the Super Saiyan state. As a result, they were both able to 
remain in the form for as long as they wished. They could even hold 
the form as they slept. 

During the battle with Cell, Gohan obtained the Super Saiyan 2 
transformation, a form much more powerful and faster than the Super 
Saiyan form. Unfortunately, what with Cell being the poor loser that 
he is, the tyrant decided to blow up the Earth, taking everyone along 
with him. However, for the second time in his life, Goku once again 
sacrificed himself to save the oneís he loved. As a result, he, King 
Kai, Bubble and Gregory were all killed in the resulting kamikaze 
explosion. Goku later cheered his son on when Cell miraculously 
survived and returned to Earth even stronger than before. He then 
elected to remain in Other World so that any other threats against 
his family and friends could be avoided.

Gokuís next adventure came seven years later when he was allowed to 
return to Earth for just a single day in order to participate in a 
martial arts contest with his friends. However, through a series of 
events, a monster known as Majin Buu ended up being awakened. Goku 
decided to teach the present timelineís Trunks and his second son 
Goten the Fusion Dance, a set of moves that would allow two people to 
combine into a single more powerful entity. It was also around this 
time that Goku showed off his new Super Saiyan 3 ability. A form that 
was stronger than Super Saiyan 2 (which Goku had also received) and 
also drastically altered his appearance; his golden hair grew down to 
his waist and his lost his eyebrows.

Unfortunately, using Super Saiyan 3 inadvertently made Goku lose what 
little time he had left on Earth and he had to say goodbye to his 
loved ones once again. However, the Fusion Dance proved unsuccessful 
and so Goku was given the Life of the Old Kai, an entity released 
from an ancient weapon known as the Z Sword. He then returned to 
Earth with a set of Earrings known as Potara Earrings, which enabled 
the wearers to permanently fuse into one being. Although opting to 
fuse with Gohan, Goku was forced to pick someone else when his son 
was absorbed my Buu and eventually fused with Vegetto, who easily 
trounced all over Buu. After purposefully letting himself be 
absorbed, Vegetto split back into Goku and Vegeta and the two set 
about searching for their absorbed sons and Piccolo. After rescuing 
them, Vegeta decided to remove the absorbed good Buu from Majin Buu 
and the result caused Kid Buu to appear, a smaller, manic version of 
Buu, who promptly decided to blow up the Earth. The battle came to 
its conclusion on the great world of the Kaiís where Goku used his 
Universal Spirit Bomb to finally rid the universe of this threat 
whilst secretly wishing to himself that Buu would be reincarnated as 
someone good so that could fight again.

Goku then lived in peace with his family for a further ten years. The 
Z Fighters decided to enter another tournament where Goku found the 
reincarnated Buu, known as Uub. After a brief battle, Goku decided to 
go off and train Uub, living with him in his village whilst training 

So yeah, Gokuís had a moderately interesting lifetime.


IV) Controls

As with Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Spike have once again messed around with 
the controls and this time the result is far more noticeable than 
Tenkaichi 3! Here they are;

Square = Melee Attack
Triangle = Ki Blasts/Combo Finisher
X = Super Dash
Circle = Signature Attack
Down (D-Pad) = Power Up Ki
Left/Right (D-Pad) = Move Camera
L1 = Jump (tap)/Ascend (hold)
L2 = Descend
L3 = Move Around/Recover
R1 = Block/Deflect Ki Blasts (whilst moving)/Cancel (charge moves)
R2 = Select Transformation (need to press the corresponding button)
R3 = Super Moves/Ultimate Moves
L1 + L2 = Instantly Fly upwards
L1 + X = Quickly Fly Upwards
L2 + X = Quickly Fly Downwards
R1 + Circle = Crash (grab attack) 


V) Moveset

Okay, now we get to Gokuís actual moves! Firstly weíre gonna be 
taking a look at his Super Moves and his Ultimate Moves;

Kamehameha = 
How to do it = Tilt the Right Analogue Stick upwards.
Here, we have Gokuís signature move and the one he uses the most. 
Goku will shoot a bright blue beam at his enemy totalling 5 hits. If 
you keep the analogue stick held down, then Goku will charge his beam 
and it will end up causing more damage to the opponent.

Kaioken Finish = 
How to do it = Tilt the right analogue stick to the right.
This is the move he used against Nappa and itís the first time Goku 
has ever utilised it in a game! I think so anyways... This move is a 
dash move, what this means is Goku will not damage the enemy if this 
attack misses. Similarly, if the opponent blocks it, then the move 
will not execute. Goku kicks his opponent into the air before using a 
double fisted pound to knock them down. He then dashes towards them 
whilst glowing red and smashes into them again before catching them 
and dropping them onto the floor. 

(Also, this move can be Boosted. Press the onscreen button and the 
left analogue stick in the direction shown onscreen to make this move 
a little more powerful.)

Kaioken = 
How to do it = Tilt the right analogue stick downwards.
This is actually a power up move. Goku will yell ďKaioken!Ē and his 
body will glow red. In this state you are more powerful, but your ki 
will be steadily decreasing. Once it has fully depleted, Goku will 
return to normal. 

Solar Flare = 
How to do it = Tilt the right analogue stick to the left.
The infamous blinding technique! Goku shields his eyes whilst 
unleashing an intense flash of light that temporarily blinds the 
opponent. In the game, it locks the opponent off of you for a few 
seconds. You can then sneakily nail them with a combo or a 
Kamehameha, or something!

Ultimate Move;

Spirit Bomb = 
How to do it = Press the right analogue stick down after charging up 
your ki all the way.

Goku launches the worldís energy at his opponent who gets bombarded 
with its overwhelming force. The blast lifts them up, up and away! 
This move also gives you some nice distance between you and your 
opponent, so you can make some decisions about what youíre going to 
do next in the fight. Remember, you need to hold the Down button on 
the D-Pad down until Goku reaches High Tension mode before you can 
use this devastating move.  

You can also change what moves Goku has in the customisation menu, 
but weíll cover that in a later update!


Signature Skill;

You initiate this move by pressing the Circle button. Itís known as 
High-Speed Movement. Note that all these moves are different for each 
and every character. Goku seems to teleport and then quickly punches 
his opponent. If you simply tap the Circle button then he will stun 
them a little, however, if you hold the circle button down then Goku 
will blow them away! This is good for getting some distance between 
you and your enemy.


Rush Attack; 
This is the normal combo attack. if you press this 5 times in a row 
then Goku will perform the combo. 

Smash Attack 1;
Press Square and then Triangle. Goku will do a certain type of punch 
that will spin his opponent around. Their back will now be facing 
him. This is the time to get in there and unleash more combos! Your 
hapless opponent will not be able to defend very well unless they use 
a teleport counter. This is a great attack for surprising an enemy 
with, you can charge it by holding down the Triangle button. It was 
known as Rolling Hammer in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.

Smash Attack 2;
Press Square, Square and then Triangle. Goku will send out a sort of 
miniature shockwave that stuns the opponent. You can then do more 
combos on them. You can also charge this move. If charged, then Goku 
will send his opponent spiralling backwards. It was known as the Kiai 
Cannon in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.

Smash Attack 3;
Press Square, Square, Square and then Triangle. Goku will perform 3 
fast kicks totalling a 6 hit combo. This attack cannot be charged. It 
was known as the Flying Kick in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.

Smash Attack 4; 
Press Square, Square, Square, Square and then Triangle. Goku will 
launch his fist into the opponentís gut. This is my personal favorite 
combo ender! If you use this Smash Attack then you can combo your 
opponent a little more without giving them time to recover. When you 
immediately start hitting the opponent again after delivering to them 
a Smash Attack 4, youíll notice how they still do the animation for 
getting winded by it. You can also charge this attack. It was known 
as the Heavy Finish in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.

Smash Attack High;
At any time when you are doing a Rush combo, press Triangle + Up on 
the left analogue stick and Goku will end up kicking his opponent up 
into the air. This will net you some distance so you can power up for 

Smash Attack Low;
At any time when you are doing a Rush Combo, press Triangle + Down on 
the left analogue stick and Goku will end up performing a low leg 
sweep which will trip the opponent up. This combo finisher is great 
as you can continue your combo! 


Charge Attack Level 1; 
For this move, you need to hold down the Square button briefly. For 
example, a normal Rush attack would require you to quickly tap the 
Square button, for this move, you should hold down the button 
quickly. Press the button all the way in as quickly as you can. Letís 
compare damages to see if youíre doing it correctly; if he does 361 
damage then itís too quick. If he does 452 damage then youíve done it 
correctly! This can be useful for stunning your opponent and doing a 
longer combo on them. You can also use this Charge Attack Level 1 
during a normal Rush combo. Just remember to hold the Square button 
down for a split second longer than you normally would.

Charge Attack Level 2; 
For this move, hold down the Square button for a slightly longer time 
than when you performed the previous move. When you let go of the 
button, Goku will hit the opponent, knocking them back quite a bit. 
This move can also be used during a normal Rush combo. 

Charge Attack Snap; 
Now, this one can be a little tricky, hey, I STILL have trouble with 
it! This requires you to hold down the Square button until Goku 
starts flashing. The second you see his begin to flash, release the 
Square button and Goku will teleport in front of his opponent, 
knocking them away. Keep practicing and youíll eventually get it.

Charge Attack Max;
This move requires you to hold down the Square button. When heís 
fully charged up, Goku will automatically attack the opponent, 
striking them and knocking them back a great deal. This move is 
powerful enough to send your enemy through objects scattered around 
the various stages.

Air Combo;
For this move to work, you will first need to perform the Smash 
Attack High (During a Rush combo, press Triangle + Up on the left 
analogue stick). When the opponent is sent flying up into the air, 
immediately press X followed by for taps of the Square button; Goku 
will teleport up into the air and deliver a short combo, ending with 
him knocking his opponent back down to the ground. You can stop this 
combo at any time by refraining from pressing the buttons (example: 
press X, [],[]).


Rush Blast;
To perform this move, you just need to quickly tap the Triangle 
button. As a result, Goku will chuck a few ki blasts at his opponent. 
Goku will throw a maximum of 6 ki blasts. Hereís a tip for you Ė if 
you do this whilst in High-Tension mode, then your opponent will be 
stunned, leaving them open for a nasty Ultimate Attack! Remember that 

Charge Ki Blast Level 1;
To do this one, briefly hold down the Triangle button. Hold it down 
ever so slightly more than you normally would when doing a Rush 
Blast. Think back to Charge Attack Level 1. Remember, where you had 
to keep the button held down for a slightly longer amount of time? 
Apply that technique for this move and there you go! If done right, 
then Goku will launch a more powerful ki blast at the opponent. 

Charge Ki Blast Snap;
This is the ki blast version of Charge Attack Snap. Again, itís very 
tricky to do and I have problems utilising it. This one is harder 
than the melee attack because Goku is launching a flashy ki blast! 
Look very closely when you hold down that Triangle button and when 
Gokuís body starts flashing, let go. When you do it right, youíll 
hear this high pitched noise. 

Charge Ki Blast Max;
This one requires you to hold down the Triangle button and keep it 
held down. When heís ready, Goku will automatically shoot the ki 
blast. This is, of course, more powerful than the other ki blasts.


This is your basic blocking technique. To do it, you need to press 
and hold the R1 button. Be warned though; although it blocks all your 
opponents attack, you will still take some damage, though obviously 
not as much as if youíd be hit by the attacks whilst not blocking.

This is how you dodge attacks! Hold down the R1 button to have Goku 
block and whilst heís blocking, tap the Square button. You can keep 
pressing the Square button to do a series of dodges. This is great 
for evading your opponentís combos. Be warned though, this comes with 
a price; your ki will ever so slightly drop with each dodge. Heh... 
thereís always a catch isnít there?

This is for making Goku teleport slightly to the side. To do it, hold 
R1 and whilst Goku is blocking, press the X button to make him 
teleport. Pretty cool eh? This is a great little manoeuvre for 
evading those pesky charge attacks done by your opponent. Also, like 
the Sway move, this move will drain your ki as well, but itíll be 
much more noticeable. One moooooore thing! If you tilt the left 
analogue stick in any direction whilst performing this move, then 
Goku will shift in that direction.

Snap Vanishing;
This move can bamboozle and confuse your opponent! Right as they are 
attacking you, tap R1 and Goku will teleport out of harms way! Not 
only that, but your enemy will be wide open for an attack. Again, its 
not that easy to do for some people, the timing has to be precise. 

Hereís another tricky one to do, mainly because the game tells you to 
just press and hold R1and then press Triangle. Hereís what you REALLY 
do; first, you must have already blocked the opponentís rush combo, 
then they try a Smash attack, you hit Triangle. If done correctly, 
then Goku will teleport directly behind his opponent and kick them. 
Be warned though; the opponent can just as easily counter this 
counter move by teleporting right behind you. But donít fret, as you 
can teleport behind them again with R1 (and the right timing). This 
can go on forever, until one of you misses the timing or just wants 
to stop!

Recovery From Faint;
This is one of the gameís biggest faults. When you get knocked down 
or away by any type of attack, you have to rotate the left analogue 
stick to recover and then press R1 (if recovering in the air). 
Problem is, you have to do it so damn often. Most of the time youíll 
be rotating the analogue stick and right as you are about to recover, 
youíll fall onto the ground and have to twirl it again. Stupid Spike. 
Letís hope they fix this in a sequel...


Normal Movement;
This is simple; itís how you move around! If you slightly tilt the 
left analogue stick then Goku will move around at a normal speed, but 
if you tilt the stick all the way, then he will move more quickly.

To jump, tap the L1 button. Goku will (instead of flying/ascending) 
instead do a little hop. You can also do jumping attacks! Tap the 
Square button whilst jumping to have Goku do a drop kick, you can 
also hold down the button to charge it. Or you may want to do a 
jumping ki blast instead, in that case, rather than tapping Square, 
tap Triangle and Goku will launch a ki blast at his opponent. Like 
the drop kick, Goku can also charge the ki blast by keeping the 
Triangle button pressed down. 

This is flight! Instead of just tapping the L1 button, hold it down 
and Goku will fly upwards. If you want to ascend quicker then hold 
down the X button as well. 

This is to go back down! Press and hold the L2 button to have Goku 
return back to ground level. As with the Ascend technique, you can 
speed this up by holding the X button.

To do this you need to hold the X button whilst moving the left 
analogue stick around. You will charge at your opponent, but whilst 
moving the analogue stick around, you can dodge any attacks such as 
beams that they might shoot at you.

Homing Dash;
When you are a fair bit away from your opponent, press the X button 
to have Goku rush at his opponent at a high speed. You can cancel 
this by pressing X a second time. If you hold down the Square button, 
then youíll do a powerful charge attack.

Super Dash;
This is a fun move to use. Do a Homing Dash and then cancel it by 
pressing the X button a second time. Whilst cancelling it, hit the X 
button a third time and Goku will use a very speedy dash. Look at 
that! Heís so fast that he leaves the camera behind! You can also hit 
that Square button at the end of his dash to have him attack the 
opponent suddenly.

Super Rising;
Do you need to get up to your ascended opponent quickly? I mean 
really quickly? Or perhaps you need to gain some distance between you 
and him/her? In that case, hit L1 and L2 at the same time. Goku will 
instantly fly up to the stageís height limit. You canít use this to 
quickly get back down to the ground however. Oh yeah, this little 
technique doesnít come cheap either, it requires roughly one half of 
one of your two ki bars.  

Yup, that about covers the move list!

VII) Some Goku combos for you to try out

Hey, Iíve listed a few of the comboís I regularly use for you to test 
out for yourself. If you can come up with your own, thatís great! If 
you see any of these combos ending in UA (Ultimate Attack) then 
youíll need to be in High-Tension mode before you start the combo. 
Try these ones out;

[] = Square
/\ = Triangle
O = Circle
X = X (obviously!)

1) [], [], [], [], /\, [], [], [], [], []
2) [], [], [], [], /\, Kamehameha/Solar Flare/Kaioken Finish
3) [], [], [], [], [], Kamehameha/Kaioken Finish
4) [], [], [], [], Down + /\, Spirit Bomb
5) [], [], [], [], Up + /\, X, [], [], [], [], []
6) [], [], [], [] Down + /\, [], [], Up + /\, x, [], [], [], [], []
7) [], [], [], [], /\, O
8) [], /\, [], [], [], [], []
9) [], [], [], Down + /\, [], [], /\
10) [], [], [], /\, Kamehameha/Kaioken Finish


VIII) Transformations

Hey, are you a little bored of having base form Goku? Do you want a 
shiny new form or two? Or even three? Of course you do! When youíre 
ki is halfway filled, you can hit the R2 button. This will bring up a 
pink/purple colored circle in the top left part of the screen, 
showcasing all of Gokuís transformations... well, all of his 
transformations in this game that is! Whilst still holding down the 
R2 button, hit either Square, Triangle, or Circle on your controller. 
The piccies of the different transformed states represent the buttons 
of your controller. 

If you donít want to have to cycle through Super Saiyan 1 and Super 
Saiyan 2 to get to Super Saiyan 3, then you donít have to! You can go 
straight to say... Super Saiyan 3 from Gokuís base form, or straight 
to Super Saiyan 3 from Super Saiyan 1. Be mindful however that you 
cannot power down to any Super Saiyan state from another; you can 
only power down to Gokuís base form. 

Press Square to go to Super Saiyan 1, Triangle for Super Saiyan 2 and 
Circle for Super Saiyan 3.  

Another thing to note is that when you go back to a certain form, 
there will no longer be a cutscene, itíll happen in real time. 
Confused? Hehe! Iíll make it easier for you;

1) Base form Goku transforms to Super Saiyan 2, there is a cutscene.
2) Super Saiyan 2 Goku de-transforms back to Base form Goku, there is 
a cutscene.
3) Base Form Goku transforms back to Super Saiyan 2, no cutscene from 
now on.
4) Super Saiyan 2 Goku goes back to Base form Goku, no cutscene. 

This however will be interrupted if you pick another form. 

Note Ė Upon further inspection, de-transforming back to base form 
after the first time in a fight will have no cutscene.

When heís got bright shiny golden hair, Gokuís attack patterns will 
be different and his special moves will be a little varied. Take a 

Goku (Base Form);

Super Attacks Ė 
Kamehameha, Kaioken Finish, Kaioken, Solar Flare

Ultimate Attack Ė 
Spirit Bomb

Goku (Super Saiyan;

Super Attacks Ė 
Kamehameha, Meteor Smash, Now Iím Angry!, Wild Sense

Ultimate Attack Ė 
Angry Kamehameha

Goku (Super Saiyan 2);

Super Attacks Ė 
Kamehameha, Super Energy Wave Volley, Saiyan Spirit, Wild Sense

Ultimate Attack Ė 
Super Kamehameha

Goku (Super Saiyan 3);

Super Attacks - 
Super Kamehameha, Meteor Impact, Saiyan Spirit, Instant Transmission

Ultimate Attack Ė 
True Kamehameha


IX) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ask me some questions so I can fill in this part of the guide!


X) Special Thanks

- Akira Toriyama: for creating Dragonball/Z.
- Spike: for making the game.
- Goku: for being the source of inspiration for this guide.
- Me: for writing the guide.
- You: for reading the guide, unless of course youíre someone I hate.


XI) Closing Comments

Well there we go, thatís my first Raging Blast guide! Obviously itís 
nowhere near completed yet, Iíve still got to add the Super Saiyan 
forms and stuff. Hopefully youíre a bit better at the game now! Iíll 
try my best to add to this guide as much as I can and will also 
strive to get better at the game myself. I always want to get better 
at any game I enjoy. 

Looks like youíre done now, go outside and play.