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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I Boost at the Start of a race?

I am able to get a starting boost on accident alot of the times I have played. But most of the time it seems like its random, one time I held the gas button for the starting 3 count and he boosted and I tryed it again and got nothing. Does anyone know how to boost in the beginning or is it random,?

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From: Joostjuh 5 years ago

Push 'acceleration' between '3' and '2', it should work. If it fails on the first try, experiment with the timing between those seconds.

BTW, the slower (less accel and high speed) chars don't seem to turbo, but they get a boost anyway, just not to pole position.

Hope that helps...

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When you drift with a character, count how long it takes to get a blue boost.
That's how long it takes to get a boost at the start.
Take Shadow as example, his boost charges up in a little less then 2 seconds.
So you charge his boost at the start right after the 2 appears.
Sonic takes somewhere between 2 and 3 seconds, to charge his blue boost.
So you have to charge his boost in the middle of 3 and 2.

Hope this helps.

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