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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i increase the salary limit in manager mode?

When i want to buy expensive players, i have a budget that is more than enough. However, i end up not buying as i cannot afford to pay the salary that they demand because of the salary limit. How do i increase this limit?

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When you start you can choose between amature to pro i think if you choose amature you get a bigger limit, also if you win your league you also get an increased limit e.g play as liverpool and keep winning the league and you can get any player you want.

hope that helps

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The Salary Limit will only increase when you either sell a player (increase will be the amount of salaries that you'd usually have to pay him) or finish a season (new budget will be given to you, usually a lot)

Do notice that the game initially gives players rather low wages, so don't be surprised when you can't afford Fernando Torres even though you've sold a player like Drogba. Even though logic would dictate that they're about the same in wages, the players you start with often have rather small wages, especially when compared to the high wages that star players ask for.

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