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Asked: 3 years ago

Does anyone play online any more?

Just wondering if anyone plays online any more

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There are lot of players out there, besides this game is still new.

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i really want to get the online trophies so if you guys are still playing, please add me - LordOva

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Well, seeing as this is an older topic.. I'm playing this game online now to get the trophies and in 8 hours online time I have not yet been able to find a match for deathmatch, domination or supremacy. Onliy team deathmatch seems to be played regularly now. And even that sometimes takes 15 minutes of waiting.

I'd like to join a clan in FME actually, but I don't find a good FME community site.
If any of you out there are still playing and in need of the trophies, please add me with with a short note "FME" or so. My psn name is Heruva.


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ehy i'm playing this. Dolonis (psn)

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