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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find (Titanium Alloy & Complex Machine)?

I've been back to the junk heap like six times and I never get any. I get the occasional pyrite, but not the alloy. I want to upgrade Moonrise to level 4, and I need it. Also, who drops complex machine? I get other machines from giant shades, but no complex ones. If giant shades do drop them, where can I find a lot of giant shades?

Accepted Answer

From: Fujean 4 years ago

Titanium Alloy can be obtained from certain machines in the junk yard. It's a rare (gold) drop and usually found on machines in the dead end rooms that lock you in until you defeat all the robots that pop out of the elevators. IIRC you can also get it from the giant mini-boss robots in B2. As for a Complex Machine, I just got one off a mini-boss shade in the Lost Shrine (Part 2). Just ascend the tower normally and you'll find it. You can easily kill him from the other side of the wall without taking damage.

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