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New game + ? 2
Where are the Crystal Shards? 2
Is this game a multi-player? 1
Where can I find the keys to fight the Dragon King at Dragon Isle? 1
Galery ? 2
How do I beat the undead club in the Arena? 1
What are the status effect? 1
  • Total Answered Questions: 7
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
How do I beat (reig) in arena? 0
Where can I find Orthos easily? 0
The Richest Merchant? 0
Where can I find more souls? 0
sound wont work on trinitY for PS3 ? 0
Title unlock conditions? 5
Are there only 3 characters in this game? 3
How do I solve (dragon zombie information)? 3
Find Dagda and Selene Quest? 2
How do I solve new moon tower, top floor? 2
  • Total Open Questions: 14

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