Question from Shiningknight42

Are there only 3 characters in this game?

I just want to know because it would be a waste to me if there were only 3 characters in the entire game.


Sal_Darben answered:

Yes, there are only three playable charakters in the entire game.
They are Areus, Dagda and Selene.
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idofgrahf answered:

You can only play as one of the three, hence the name trinity, there are other players that at times tag along for a particular quest.
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electricroses answered:

Yes there are only 3, it is more action RPG than RPG, like Genji: Days of the Blade. To be honest those 3 characters are all you need, there would have been no reason for others to be added to the team, they are nicely balanced with each other. There are, of course, other characters for you to interact with, but they don't join your team.
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