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How to get past the robot in the square?

I don't know anything about this other than there's some kind of robot in this white fire square with some wizard dressed in green. We tried just exiting the level to the leaky cauldron but when we try to continue story it takes us straight back to the robot room instead of following the ghost.


iflyalot answered:

The Wizard dressed in Green is Professor McGonagall. You have to stand in the square and shoot whatever spell it is that's new (I can't remember off hand which it is) at the Robots. 3 times with each Charachter (there's a Chalkboard at the back of the room where the checkmarks appear beside the Charachter as they defeat the Robots).
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qwweetrtr answered:

After you do that, if you have reducto you can go into the next area and you do the same thing, only nine times or so and you then get the professor as a character.
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manukajoe answered:

Yes it's Professor McGonagall's Transfiguration class. I had trouble with this too, playing on the Wii. You need to transfigure the robot into a rat, twice for each character (Harry then Ron then Hermione --- your progress is shown on the blackboard at the back of the room). To do this, select the red spell then go into the white square where the robot is and shoot it. You need to aim the spell at the robot by holding the B button and targeting the robot with the reticule for it to work.
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