Question from greasyfairlane

Asked: 4 years ago

how do I follow the person indicator when it shows to jump off a staircase rail to nowhere?

I have a white arrow flashing at the end of a staircase near some bedrooms. at the end is a snake and then rails that keep you from falling. I cant seem to find away around it. when I go to the bedroom area past the snake just before the fruit faced man in the picture I noticed a jail cell with that mandrake next to it and a flower that squirts juice on the floor that u get to clean up and while over there I noticed the white arrow flashing again and I assume its the same one since its near the staircase. I went into full description so someone might know where I am talking about since I dont. lol

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You have to go past the fruit faced man to find that 1 it is in the common room or bedroom behind him

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