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I found a new glitch/bug anyone help me please!?! 0
Where is the sytherin crest on level 3.1 - News from Azkaban? 0
Why is Hufflepuff crest glichted in Jinxed Broom? 0
2 more Students in Peril? 1
A shield in a jinxed broom? 1
Clip 29 in Leaky Cauldron? 1
Gold brick detector? 1
Gold Brick Help? 2
Griffiondor crest in last part of black lake? 1
How do I build the sink in the basalisk? 2
how do I follow the person indicator when it shows to jump off a staircase rail to nowhere? 1
How do I get the gold brick in the restricted section? 3
How do i get the last gold brick? HELP 1
How do I use Collected Characters?? 1
How do you open the Parseltongue door? 2
How to get "Role Reversal" Trophy? 2
I've collected all crests, students in peril and characters except voldemort, but I'm still missing a gold brick? 3
Is there a glitch related to year 3 chapter 1 getting the blue crest? 1
Last few characters to find in levels? 3
On the top floor with the dog pic, How do I get the gate or the dog? 1
Polyjuice cauldrons inactive? 1
Slytherin pieces in years one and two? 2
Spell to Clean up Green Slime? 1
What do i do with barrel? 1
What does accio spell do? 1
What does the 'Character Stud' red brick actually do? 2
Where can I find (goblin token)? 2
Where can I find Hufflepuf crest piece in the black lake? 1
Where can I find Rita Skeeter? 1
Where can I find the History of Magic classroom? 1
Where can I find the last brick? 1
Where can I find the last(Gold Brick & Student in Peril)? 1
Where can I find the Ravenclaw Crest? 2
Where is red brick number 19? 1
Why can't I find the character tokens I've unlocked at Madam Maulkins? 2
198/200 Gold bricks? 2
Character with a Key? 1
Has anyone else noticed that when you can buy Crabbe and Goyle? 1
Have I lost the Red Brick for good? 1
How can you use items that sparkle red and black? 1
How do I destroy metal items? 1
How do I get Susan Bones? 1
Hufflepuff piece in Dragons level? 1
Rita Skeeter Glitch? 1
Where can i find gold bricks ? 1
Where can I find Ravenclaw crest piece in Dragons level? 1
Where can I find the gold block in Diagon Alley? 1
Where can I find the last polyjuice potion ingredient? (Green one) 1
Where do i get the Hufflepuff piece in the Lake Task? 1

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