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Can you use the rockband guitar for ps3 with this game? 1
can I use this guitar? 1
Can I use all my Rock Band 1 instruments? 1
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New drum kit release date BandHero PS3/XBOX360 ? 0
Band Hero unique id? 0
Can I use my normal PS3 controller when playing this game? 2
How do I get my drums and guitar working? 1
PS3 Band Hero Help? 1
Why can't Guitar, Drums, and Mic work simultaneously? 1
What happens when you import songs? 1
On band hero for the ps3 how do you take the songs that you've downloaded and add them to your setlist? 1
I 100% "Fascination" by Alphabeat, but i only got 5 stars? whats up with that? 1
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