Question from DuskKnight1990

Asked: 5 years ago

Wild Bill glitched?

I looked precisely where Wild Bill is suppose to be, but he isn't there, I found the 2 steel ingots at the top of the stairs before the next flight of stairs, but no Wild Bill. Is he glitched or something?

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From: yeahyeahyeah123 5 years ago

Have a look at this guys !!

Hope it helps!!

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Well I think it depends on if you heard about wild bill before or after you enter the steelyard because i went to the steel yard first and couldn't find him

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Probs just a glitch i found wild bill before i even heard about him but he disappeared wen i went there again maybe theres a time limit on him from wen you enter the steelyard or how many times you enter

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I spoke to Milly about Wild Bill before entering the Steelyard, but I was never able to find him, even til now. There must be some sort of condition, because I did leave and return to the area a fair few times and he never showed up, not even his carcass or any indication he was even there.

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Yep, that occured with my bro's play, he looked for the body all throughout the Steel Mill but didn't find him.

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