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Does the game need to install? And if so, how much space does it need?

travis73005 asked for clarification:

Is it possible to be able to delete the old install after succesfully installing the new GOTY, it is maxing out my PS3 hardrive. Think this will affect game saves?

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Solid_snake137 answered:

When u start the game the first time, it will install if u have enough space. It takes up just over 6 gig of memory. After it installs, u can delete it's installation and it will not harm your save. Since that uninstalls it, it makes the game MUCH slower. I know this from experience, so be carefull when deleting it, becaus I have not found a way to reinstall it. But, if u r out of memory, it can be deleted.
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wilco64256 answered:

Yes, just over 6 GB.
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gamefreakchad88 answered:

I don't think there is an install option. I've looked in each menu but no luck. I am tired of my game freezing because it is reading so much info from the disc. I wouldn't mind installing 6gb worth of data if helps stop my game from lagging, or freezing while i aimlessly wander the wastes
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ParryACO answered:

GOTY version is about 6983 MB install.

To remove it and re-install it, just delete the game data in the Game Data Utility. (Note: not the SAVED data.)
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Familyguychris answered:

Well that depends on how many games u have in ur save games. Fallout 3 requires 6000 MB memory space. But it is definitly worth it. IT IS A GREAT GAME! although I wud take oblivion over it.
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