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Where can I find Samurai Sword for Toshiro Kago?

Has anyone ran into a glitch with the Samurai Sword not being where it's supposed to be my Prima Official Strategy Guide says it's located on a shelf surrounded by first aid boxes in the Waste Disposal Area of Mothership Zeta but on my last playthrough when I went there it wasn't there of course on that playthrough I was completely evil and killed Toshiro Kago ASAP did I do something wrong by doing that should I have waited to kill him or what? I haven't went to do Mothership Zeta on current playthrough yet because I wanted to know when I should kill him for his armor & weapon first.


Stormraven40 answered:

You dont have to kill him especially as he saves your life later. Just reverse pickpocket some better armor/weapons and he will put his original stuff into his inventory. Then you can take what you want AND keep Kago alive.
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