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Hey wat is the most powerful gun for each ammo and what skill is it levels it?


10mm-backwater rifle-small guns

can you just finish the list for every other ammo type and put the uniques in as well

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The lincoln repeater-small guns-44 caliber
the xualong assult rifle-small guns- 5.56mm
the terriable shotgun-small guns-shotgun shells
the metal blaster-energy weapons-microfusion shells
thats the ones i know
On the fallout 3 faqs there is a faq called something like weapons and equiptment that gives the damages for all the weapons in the game but not the ammunition. that would be your best bet

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The Black Hawk Scoped 44 mag; small guns... get it from agatha after completing agatha's song, bring her back a sheet music book at a later time.
Eugene; Big Guns; optionally get it from Brick when completing Reiley's Rangers.

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The Expirementle MIRV: Big gun/Explosive, uniqe Fat Man: Found at the national gaurd depot armory. You need all Keller Family Transcripts. To find the transcripts, go to youtube on orcedea's channel to find a video on finding them. Hoped This Helped!!!!!(Comes with 5 mini nukes+the small guns bobblehead, too.)

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^^^^^^^Forgot 2 add that the MIRV shoots 8 mini nukes at once!!!!!!!!!

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