Question from FireFoxEnergy

Look good for the cameras?

Hello! do I take this trophy?...What's a full game?

Thanks for the answer!

mustangdan100 asked for clarification:

This does not work. I stayed up all night, played 9 games to use every costume for every player. Still no trophy. I can only guess that all 3 costumes for all 12 characters must be used through a single profile.


Mikenn09 answered:

You have to have the playstation eye. A camera and mic sold for about 30 bucks.
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FireFoxEnergy answered:


No playstation eye for this trophy.
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giantsjd answered:

This is how I did it, you have to play a standard game, and use all 3 sets of clothes for all 12 characters to get the trophy.

If you have 4 buzzers, it should take you 9 games. With 8 buzzers, you can cut it down to 6 games.
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