Question from gyro_robo1

How do i get 1500 spin points on alpine drop?

I dont know what spin points are and i dont know how to get any.


SilverSaltSeven answered:

spin points are when you spin around in the air. Simply find some jumps and when you jump just spin. You should only need to spin once to complete the objective. I might be mistaken though
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knucklejoe08 answered:

I think he gets that part of it.

You can pull off a spin by jumping off of a ramp, then using the right stick to spin either left or right while in the air. Just make sure you are facing forward when you land.
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NerdlyNerd answered:

For the full answer, when you go over a big jump you can use the right stick to rotate the kart in mid-air. Do one complete rotation counts as one spin and nets you 2,500 spin points. As knucklejoe08 said, make sure you're facing forward when you land. If you don't, you won't earn any points and you will have to turn around after landing. On Alpine Drop, you need 15,000 spin points, which is equivalent to 6 spins. Do one spin every time you go over a mega jump and you'll get enough points.
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