FAQ version 0.4, December 2009

Gravity crash was developed by Just Add Water, and released on the 24th of
November 2009. The player controls a small spaceship, and must fight their way
across 35 planets, collecting gems, rescuing crashed survivors and shooting
enemies and aliens.

Play is similar to games such as Gravity Force, Oids and Thrust. If you liked
them then, you'll love this now. The game style is heavily influenced by older
vector graphics titles, and looks beautiful on a big telly.

Gravity Crash also supports multiplayer play, and has a built in level editor
allowing you to create your own levels and share them with friends and other
Gravity Crash players.


General hints

Shoot at the red stuff. Pick up the green men. Avoid the walls, bullets, lasers,
mines, lava and anything that looks mean.

Play the training levels. they will teach you most of the skills you need to
complete the game. If in doubt, read the "How To Play" section on the front menu
of the game.

Take your time - Aiming for recommended times is great if you're going for a
level high score or trophies, but most levels are very hard to complete in the
recommended time and you'll certainly miss many of the gems and enemies if you
try and complete the level as fast as possible. If you are going for a campaign
score, relax.

Each second that you are under the recommended time, you will recieve an
additional 250 points.

gentle movements are key, and so is using gravity. Don't fight it - balance it
and use it. To minimise fuel use, fall down and thrust up. Practice strafing:
slide sideways while balancing against gravity. once you are comfortable doing
this, practice doing it while shooting at enemies. slowly strafing past turrets
and missiles will keep you from being hit most of the time.

Water acts mostly like reverse gravity - the buoyancy of your ship will drag you
upwards. The main difference is that bullets fired underwater will slow down and
eventually stop with a much shorter range than bullets fired above water.

Always aim to collect the artifacts and activate the nodes. Collecting all 5
artifacts in a system will enable access to the system's hidden planet with more
gems and enemies to shoot.

Gems are worth points: Green = 100 points, orange = 500 points, blue = 1000
points, purple = 5000 points.

Crystals can be harvested - if you shoot them three or four times you can chip
off enough shards to regain shields and refuel your craft around 1/4 to 1/3 of
the way up. if you then leave that crystal for a minute or two, it will grow
back, allowing you to shoot it again. five shots normally destroys a crystal,
but if you harvest shards carefully you can get up to ten shards out of a
crystal before it finally disappears.

If you hear the fuel warning, find a crystal and refuel. The longer you leave
it, the more pressured you will be to refuel, and that normally makes you use
more fuel navigating the level. Carefully harvest crystal shards to make the
available fuel on the level go further.

Don't be afraid to use your shield - occasionally taking a few bullets or
bouncing off the walls is exactly the right tactic. However, if you are running
low on shields, either farm a few crystal shards or wait for them to regenerate
- you don't want to lose a life because you got careless.

Your bullets inherit the velocity of your craft. accelerating towards a target
hile shooting can bunch up your bullets, meaning they all hit at nearly the
same time. This can be an effective way to quickly pile the damage on an enemy.

Rescuing survivors

Fly to an area where the green crewman is walking. land as close to him as
possible - it's safe to land right on top of him. Make sure that you don't
accidentally shoot the survivor. Land by orienting your craft vertically, and
gently lower the craft to the surface. if you're close enough and going slowly
enough, landing feet will extend from the base of your craft. Once they are
extended, you can safely drop the craft to the ground as long as you are not
too far off vertical. If you bounce, simply regain control of your craft,
become stationary, orient yourself vertically, and try again.

Finding hidden items

When looking for hidden items and blocked caves, simply shoot at the walls.
Some areas are visibly cracked and make great candidates to shoot at.
Destroyable walls sound different when they are hit with bullets, so listen
out for the lack of the collision sound.



Enemy rocket launcher
When the player's ship is in range, this launcher will fire slow-moving homing

Enemy Cannon
This cannon fires a large ball which splits into a number of bullets when it
its something, or after a period of time. The bullets come out diagonally.

Twin enemy turret
Twin barrelled turret. Fires two shot salvoes. Fairly easy to destroy.

Single enemy turret
Fires single, quite slow shots. Easy to destroy.

3 shot enemy turret
On a timed basis, each of the 3 barrels will fire a shot at a fixed angle. The
timing of the individual barrels varies.

Multi shot enemy turret
This turret fires a sequence of 3 shots in rapid succession.

Fixed enemy laser turret
This indestructible turret fires a laser beam when it is active.

Sweeping enemy laser turret
This indestructible turret fires a laser in a sweeping arc when it is active.

Fast rocket launcher
When the player's ship is in range, this turret will launch extremely dangerous,
fast moving and turning missiles.

Elite multi shot turret
This turret fires a series of 4 shots in rapid succession

Elite single turret
A single barreled turret

Elite Twin turret
A twin barrelled turret

Elite cannon
This cannon fires a large ball which splits into a number of bullets when it
hits something, or after a period of time.

Small, medium, large bony alien
This alien's head has hardened, making it impervious to bullets. the small
variety can still take damage on the head.

Small, medium, large pod alien
An alien which floats slowly around in a non-threatening fashion. When the
large pod aliens are destroyed, they leave behind a cluster of small pod aliens.

Small, medium, large wriggler alien
Tough, slow moving alien creatures.

Campaign mode sees you fight progressively further across the galaxy, flying to
each planet in turn of all five systems. Each system contains five planets which
have artifacts buried somewhere underground. If you can find all five artifacts,
you will be given access to the hidden planet in that system.

The seventh and final planet in each system will always contain a boss enemy
of some description - the bosses differ from system to system.

Each time you play campaign mode, you will need to unlock the hidden planet
in each system. Once you have unlocked that planet in planet mode, it stays
unlocked. Check the description of each planet in the system for the locations
of artifacts.

Each planet has a potential maximum base score which I've tried to describe.
This is achieved by destroying everything on the level, rescuing every stranded
survivor, activating the node and finding all the gems. It is possible to get
a higher score than this base score on many of the levels, if you beat the
recommended time. If I've managed that, I've indicated this with a (+) symbol
after the base score.

I've also tried to capture the various extra lives, powerups and other pickups
in the levels. If you find i've missed any, please mail me and I'll update
this walkthrough.

In planet mode, you can select any planet you wish to play on, and compete
on the high score tables for time or score. Some planets have specific trophies
associated with them - see the trophies list for more details.




"This planet has been largely deserted by the enemy. Collect the gems and keep
a look out for any remaining infrastructure."

Target: Collect 4 orange gems.
Gems: 12 green, 4 orange.
Recommended time: 00:30
Crystals: 3
Basic score: 5945
Artifact: (BR) easily visible on the right side of the map, just left of the
wormhole once the wormhole appears.
Node: easily visible on the top surface of the second island.
Items: 1 triple shot (enclosed). Destroy the breakable wall on the bottom of
the first island.

This is the first proper planet in the game. The basic game play mechanics are
introduced - you are required to fly across a simple landscape, collecting
gems. Try and avoid all the walls and the ground.


"Meteor storms have been reported on this planet. Take care as you seek out
and destroy the enemy's fuel stockpiles."

Target: Destroy 5 yellow storage tanks.
Gems: 15 green, 4 orange.
Recommended time: 01:00    (00:40)
Crystals: 3
Basic score: 6975  (+)
Artifact: (TL) at the bottom of the second canyon from the right edge.
Node: take the leftmost canyon. at the base, head right.
Items: one side-shot, above the artifact.

Watch out for meteors - they can be shot and destroyed. Before each wave of
meteors a warning message will flash on the screen.


"Many ships have been lost to this small volcanic planet. Gather whatever gems
you can, and if possible rescue any survivors."

Target: Collect 8 orange gems.
Gems: 16 green, 9 orange.
Recommended time: 01:30      (00:39)
Crystals: 3
Basic score: 29150 (+)
Crewmen: 10
Artifact: (BL) below the third island heading right, just above the lava level.
Node: on the last island, right edge of the map.
Items: One triple shot, at the bottom of the left side.

Play begins on the left side of the map, above ground. Two survivors are
immediately below your craft, and two more are on the first island to the
right. A fifth survivor is on the second island heading right. The sixth
survivor is on the third island heading right (below the second island). the
7th and 8th survivors are on the fourth island heading right (above the third
island). The 9th and 10th survivors are at ground level below the 5th island.

This level is the first exposure to mines - simply shoot them. You'll also come
across a volcano in the middle of the level. You can safely fly through the
plume as long as you don't crash into any flaming rocks. Take care collecting
the artifact, as lava will constantly drain on your shields.


"The enemy have gained a foothold on this planet, get down there and hit them
where it hurts."

Target: Destroy 3x topped yellow storage tanks, 3x yellow storage tanks.
Gems: 22 green, 4 orange, 1 blue.
Recommended time: 03:00  (02:15)
Crystals: 6
Basic score: 20615
Crewmen: 2 (top left corner of the map, underneath the top platform)
Artifact: (BM) bottom of the map, behind a destroyable wall. Once in the water,
hug the right wall and you can't miss it.
Node: fly to the top right corner of the map. underneath the survivors is an
orange gem. underneath that is a destroyable wall. The node is behind this wall.
Items: 1x special weapon (first canyon left), side ammo (continue right)

Play starts on the left side of the map.


"The enemy has buried its supplies in a deep gorge here. Find a way to raise
the lava then destroy those fuel cells!"

Target: Destroy 3x topped yellow storage tanks, 3x yellow storage tanks,
1x power station.
Gems: 12 green, 3 orange, 1 blue.
Recommended time: 02:15   (01:30)
Crystals: 3
Basic score: 22850
Crewmen: 3 (2 top left of map, 1 halfway down the canyon)
Artifact: (TR) hidden behind destroyable walls, directly underneath the node.
look for the cracks on the vertical wall beneath the node, horizontally level
with the power station.
Node: visible at the very bottom of the canyon.
Items: 1x rear shot (halfway down canyon)

Clear the surface then head into the canyon. Make sure you've cleared out the
node and the artifact before you destroy the power station - you won't be able
to get them once the lava is rising. Once you destroy the power station and
the lava begins to rise, fly up to the second door and wait. The lava will
stop rising, allowing you to destroy the cells, open the door and complete
the level.


"The enemy are attempting to develop a base for future attacks in this dark
and forbidding world."

Target: Collect 3x orange gems.
Gems: 12 green, 3 orange, 2 blue.
Recommended time: 01:45
Crystals: 5
Basic score: 11505
Artifact: none.
Node: bottom left of the map, just above water level.
Items: 1x special weapon (bottom right of the map). 1x triple-shot, above the


"Intelligence reports something large lurking in the watery depths. Find it -
and destroy it!"

Target: Destroy the boss!
Gems: 9 green, 2 orange, 1 blue.
Recommended time: 02:30 (1.15)
Crystals: 10
Basic score: 15440 (+)
Crewmen: 0
Artifact: none.
Node: at the base of the canyon, to the left of the swing gates.




"This world is being stripped of its mineral reserves. Destroy all the enemy
fuel cells to prevent them from transporting the minerals off world."

Target: Destroy 4x capped yellow storage tanks.
Gems: 21 green, 4 orange, 2 blue.
Recommended time: 03:00 (1:30)
Crystals: 7
Basic score: 22415 (+)
Crewmen: 1 (top right of map)
Artifact: (TR) Right side of map, halfway down.
Node:Bottom right of map.
Items: 1x extra ship, 1x reflective fire.

Enter the canyon and head right. The artifact is visible. Continue to the end
and drop down. The node is at the bottom of this rift. Head back up and left.
just before you reach the canyon to the surface, there is some destructable
floor which opens an area with gems and an extra ship.


"The enemy are mining this cavernous world for its resources. Explore it and
destroy their machinery."

Target: Destroy 6x Compressors.
Gems: 26 green, 5 orange, 1 blue.

Recommended time: 03:00 (2:00)
Crystals: 14
Basic score: 17705 (+)
Crewmen: 0
Artifact: (BM) Hidden, top left of map.
Node: bottom centre of map.
Items: 1x side fire

The artifact is hidden behind some destructible wall, but it's obvious on the
map where you need to shoot. The node is about halfway down the main canyon.
You will need to deactivate the laser to reach the wormhole.


"A military stronghold has been detected under the rocks. Get inside and
destroy their power sources."

Target: Destroy 2x fusion reactor, 2x power station.
Gems: 19 green, 5 orange, 2 blue.
Recommended time: 03:00 (01:45)
Crystals: 10
Basic score: 23250 (+?)
Crewmen: 2 (one on top of the spire, one top right of the map)
Artifact: (TL)
Node: right side of the map (hidden)

Head into the spire to disable the first set of blocking lasers. Head down and
through the spinning gate to open the two side doors. On the right side, above
the power station the node is hidden behind some destructible ceiling.
Disabling both power stations drops the shield on the two fusion reactors
underneath the spinning gate. Destroy these to complete the level.

The artifact is locked behind a laser at the top of the spire. The switch
for this laser is to the left of the two fusion reactors.


"Enemy forces have rooted themselves deep inside this planet. Don't let them
expand further."

Target: Destroy 4x fusion reactor.
Gems: 27 green, 4 orange, 4 blue.
Recommended time: 04:45
Crystals: 12
Basic score: 43015
Crewmen: 5 (2 just right of starting position, 3 in the centre of the map)
Artifact: (BR) top right of the map.
Node: bottom middle of map, above spinning gates.
Items: triple shot, special weapon

The entrance to the cave with the gems and jellyfish is on the top left side,
just above water level. Shoot the walls to gain access.


"Using a network of underground tunnels, the enemy are trying to establish a
base of operations. A small ship may be able to infiltrate and destroy their
precious refineries."

Target: Destroy 2x pumping station, 2x fusion reactor, 5x refinery.
Gems: 22 green, 7 orange, 2 blue, 1 purple.
Recommended time: 06:00 (03:50)
Crystals: 12
Basic score: 36000 (+)
Crewmen: 2 (2 top left)
Artifact: (BL) top left of map (under destructible ground)
Node: middle left (in tunnels underneath the artifact).
Items: 1x reflective fire

Clear the first open canyon. Head to the rightmost canyon. Destroying the
two fusion reactors at the base of this canyon open the main canyon doors.
the rightmost corridor past the laser room leads to some destructible wall
giving you access to the bottom water.

The node is in the underground tunnels left of the spinning block room. Don't
forget to pick up your survivors and the artifact.


"Nothing is known about this once-forgotten world - explore it with care!"

Target: Collect 4x orange gems, 1x blue gem.
Gems: 19 green, 5 orange, 2 blue.
Recommended time: 02:15 (1.10)
Crystals: 5
Basic score: 11800 (+)
Crewmen: 0
Artifact: none.
Node: midway through the level.
Items: 1x special weapon, 1x reverse shot.

There are two hidden areas, one at the bottom of the second down loop and
one accessed from the left wall of the last downward section. If you are
going for a speed run, try getting the orange gem in the first hidden area.


"Research suggests that the enemy have a new prototype battle cruiser in
development. It must be destroyed before it becomes fully operational."

Target: Destroy the boss!
Gems: 12 green, 5 orange, 2 blue.
Recommended time: 04:30 (02:15)
Crystals: 11
Basic score: 31000 (+)
Crewmen: (2 leftmost cave)
Artifact: none.
Node: top leftmost cave, between the missile launchers.


artifacts: QATINGA (BL), SATURU (TR), PEKAWE (BR),


"The enemy are using this world to store a new high performance energy liquid.
Find and destroy all the cells. Beware of smugglers who might be running
covert fuel syphoning operations in the area - they won't appreciate being

Target: Destroy 6x capped green storage tanks, 1x power station.
Gems: 24 green, 2 orange, 1 blue, 1 purple.
Recommended time: 04:00 (02:45)
Crystals: 4+
Basic score: 26750 (+)
Crewmen: 0
Artifact: (BL) second-to-right canyon, in smuggler cave.
Node: far right cave, through the wormhole.
Items: 1x special weapon, 1x triple shot.


"Disrupt the enemies frigate manufacture by flattening its factories. destroy
any landing pads on the planet surface whilst you are there."

Target: Destroy 3x factory, 3x power station.
Gems: 30 green, 5 orange, 6 blue.
Recommended time: 04:15
Crystals: 11
Basic score: 46185
Crewmen: (2 bottom right of the map)
Artifact: (TR) hidden covered, far bottom right of the map.
Node: middle of the map.
Items: 1x side shot, 1x reflective shot

Either side of the pumping station on the far right bottom of the map are
destructible walls. Underneath the extra ship is a further section of
destructible floor which covers the hidden artifact.

To reach the two blue gems in the leftmost room, let the gun in that room
shoot towards you and line up with the switch so the gun hits the switch.


"The enemy is trying to dig out those gem-hoarding smugglers. Get down there
first and grab the loot."

Target: Destroy 5x smuggler base, Collect 6x orange gems, 6x green gems,
3x blue gems.
Gems: 7 green, 7 orange, 4 blue.
Recommended time: 05:15 (03:30)
Crystals: 8
Basic score: 26410 (+)
Crewmen: 0
Artifact: (BR) hidden, bottom middle of the map above the lava.
Node: Far right of the map, past the scythes.
Items: 1x side shot, 1x reflective fire.

To reach the node, you need to fly past the rotating scythes through the
tight tunnel on the far top right of the map. You can exit into the main area
by destroying the floor under the node.

The bubbles can be destroyed but they will regrow after a few seconds. The
artifact can be found just above hidden, covered by destructible rock. fly
down the canyon leading down from the smuggler base with three green gems and
shoot the right hand wall as it begins to curve to horizontal just before
the lava.

The reflective fire pickup is hidden, covered by destructible wall at the
very bottom left of the map.


"We believe there is a base of operations here, deep underground. The only
other information we can find on this planet indicates it is of great historical
significance to the enemy ..."

Target: Destroy 5x factory, 4x pumping station. Collect 5x blue gems.
Gems: 19 green, 6 orange, 6 blue, 2 purple.
Recommended time: 07:30 (05:30)
Crystals: 10
Basic score: 56215 (+)
Crewmen: 1 (1 on surface)
Artifact: (TL) Hidden, covered by wall above right hand skeleton tail tip.
Node: Accessed via wormhole hidden in skull.
Items: 1x triple shot, 1x special weapon

Destroy the four pumping stations on the surface. Underground, look out for
the skeleton on the bottom of the map. The node is accessed via a hidden
wormhole in the back of the skull.

The artifact is hidden in the wall above the tip of the tail of the right hand
of the two skeleton remains. position yourself just above the tip, and fire
just above you to uncover it.

The special weapon pickup is hidden in the ceiling above the triple shot.

It is highly recommended to harvest crystal shards carefully on this level.
If you are exploring, you will pass crystals multiple times.


"Frequent meteor storms batter the surface of this world. You'll need to disable
the enemy shield systems to bring home the most prized gems."

Target: Destroy 3x fusion reactor. Collect 10x orange gems.
Gems: 27 green, 11 orange, 3 blue, 1 purple.
Recommended time: 07:45 (04:45)
Crystals: 9
Basic score: 27630 (+)
Crewmen: 0
Artifact: (BM) hidden, far left middle of map.
Node: bottom left of map, two caves deep
Items: 1x triple shot

To reach the node you must start from the leftmost canyon and destroy
a couple of sets of walls and ceilings. Once you reach the middle fusion
reactor, drop down, and shoot the floor to reveal three doors. drop past
them for the node.

The artifact is hidden in the far left wall, just after you enter the canyon.


"We believe that this is another world rich with gems. Explore, and retrieve
what you can."

Target: Collect 3x orange gems, 3x blue gems.
Gems: 24 green, 5 orange, 4 blue, 1 purple.
Recommended time: 03:00 (1:30)
Crystals: 10
Basic score: 25650 (+)
Crewmen: 0
Artifact: none.
Node: top left, hidden behind destroyable wall.
Items: 1x reflective fire, 1x special weapon

This level is riddled with obvious destroyable walls and also many not
so obvious walls. The node and purple gem are both hidden behind tunnels
which can be tricky to find. look on the right side of the map for both.


"Something is carving out massive chunks of this planet worryingly fast.
Investigate at once."

Target: Destroy the boss!
Gems: 22 green, 12 orange, 6 blue.
Recommended time: 05:00 (2:30)
Crystals: 11
Basic score: 26050 (+)
Crewmen: 0
Artifact: none.
Node: bottom left of map.
Items: 1x extra ship.

The extra ship is hidden to the left of the first blue door, just above the
set of destroyable bricks. The node is far left, at the bottom left of the




"This large outpost houses both large mining and refining facilities. put it
out of action."

Target: Destroy 4x large control tower, 3x pumping station.
Gems: 17 green, 8 orange,3 blue.
Recommended time: 05:15 (3:45)
Crystals: 10
Basic score: 42605 (+)
Crewmen: 5
Artifact: (BM) hidden, covered. Keep shooting past the first blue gem.
Node: very bottom of the map, hidden covered.
Items: 1x Extra ship, 1x triple shot.

To uncover the artifact, find the blue gem hidden in a cave under water
level, and shoot the wall to the right. You'll find an extra ship there too.
The triple shot pickup is hidden, covered in the wall to the left just
before the spinning scythe opens into the next big cave.

To find the node, look for the crack in the floor on the bottom of the map.
Fly left, and shoot the vertical wall under the overhang to expose the node.


"A military outpost sits below the surface of this world. Take out their
defences and then flatten it."

Target: Destroy 6x yellow storage tanks, 2x fusion reactor.
Gems: 10 green, 6 orange, 4 blue, 1 purple.
Recommended time: 06:00 (04:45)
Crystals: 10
Basic score: 36970 (+)
Crewmen: 4
Artifact: (TR) top right of the map.
Node: bottom left of map.
Items: 1x extra ship

The extra ship is hidden, covered by wall just to the left of the top left
shrinker. The node is in a gated loop in the bottom left of the map, stuck
inside a very tight tunnel. Shoot it without venturing in.

The artifact is open, visible near the top right of the map, inside a shield
bubble. It will open once you destroy both reactors.


"There is a heavily shielded base here, protecting som rare gems - try to
activate the old mining lasers and raise the lava to attack them from

Target: Collect 2x purple gems.
Gems: 28 green, 8 orange, 2 blue, 2 purple.
Recommended time: 05:30 (2:25)
Crystals: 10
Basic score: 37000 (++)
Artifact: (TL) Bottom left of map, behind destroyable wall.
Node: Top left of map.
Items: 1x side shot pickup, 1x extra ship

Carefully clear your way down into the canyon. Underneath the first door
there is destructable wall on the right hiding a side shot pickup. At the
bottom of the canyon there are enough crystals to refuel. Use them before
going through the lowest door.

Activate the first mining laser and go up. After collecting all the crystals,
activate the second mining laser and quickly head left, waiting at the bubble
until the lava destroys it, then shoot at the ceiling to destroy it, and
fly through before the lava catches you. This gives you access to the
artifact. Make sure you activate the switch on the way out of this room to
give you access to certain gems.

Follow the route around to the first door, and drop down again. Activate the
third laser, and immediately fly left staying just above the lava all the way
across the map. This gives you access to the node.

Head around and down into the canyon for a third time to complete the level.


"Rumour has it that the enemy is building a gigantic gravity gun in this area.
They mustn't be allowed to complete it."

Target: Destroy 2x fusion reactor, gravity gun.
Gems: 24 green, 4 orange, 1 blue, 2 purple.
Recommended time: 05:45 (03:40)
Basic score: 50000 (+)
Crewmen: 2
Artifact: (BR) Left side of map, inside first big island hidden behind
destroyable wall
Node: very top left of map.
Items: 1x extra life.

Activate the lasers, activate the node in the top left and drop down the left
side of the map. the Artifact is hidden behind destructible wall in the first
big island (as soon a you hit serious enemy resistance). Underneath this, just
underneath the crystal is hidden a purple gem and an extra life. The second
purple crystal is also hidden, but on the far right side of the map just
before you head inside the gravity gun structure.


"Seek and destroy the enemy's biodome GM crop plantations. They are located
near an old water pumping facility."

Target: Destroy 1x fusion reactor, 3x pumping station, 6x biodome.
Gems: 11 green, 7 orange, 1 blue, 1 purple.
Recommended time: 05:00
Crystals: 1+1+1+1+2+3+1+1+
Basic score: 46895
Crewmen: 2
Artifact: (BL)
Node: Top left of map.
Items: 1x triple shot, 1x side shot, 1x reverse shot.

Gravity feels stronger on this level, so be very careful with crystals until
you raise the water level. in the section of square gates, each door is opened
by shooting the switch which is behind and to the right when you face the door.
Head to the bottom right of the grid to open the door into the pumping
stations, then work left to raise the water level. In the bottom left of the
map is a hidden switch. This opens entry to the room containing the artifact
and reverse shot pickup.


"This ancient world is rumoured to have an abundance of gems. 'Liberate' as
many as you can."

Target: Collect 4x orange gems, 4x blue gems.
Gems: 14 green, 5 orange, 4 blue.
Recommended time: 03:30 (02:00)
Crystals: 6
Basic score: 18450 (+)
Artifact: none.
Node: Hidden, covered in the middle of the map.
Items: 2x special weapon

To uncover the node, look for the sloped tunnel down into the tank area. hover
just above and to the left of the top entrance to this tunnel, and shoot the
floor to the left.


"We have detected a strange-looking scientific outpost. Gain entry and destroy
whatever monstrosity they have been constructing in its catacombs."

Target: Destroy the boss!
Gems: 12 green, 11 orange, 2 blue, 2 purple.
Recommended time: 05:15 (03:30)
Crystals: 1+1+1+1+2+3+5
Basic score: 38175
Crewmen: 0
Artifact: none.
Node: Inside the pyramid, to the left.
Items: 1x extra life.

Access to the second purple crystal (the one locked behind a door) is
from the right hand side of the map on the surface. shoot your way in.
The node is inside the pyramid, past the second piston.

The extra life is to the far left inside the pyramid.


artifacts: TELEKI (TL), ORIMA (BM), ???


"Some of the top enemy generals are gathered in one of their military palaces.
Disable their defences, then wipe it out of existence! Crashed crewmen have
managed to set up some defence-turrets to help your approach."

Target: Destroy 1x military palace.
Gems: 7 green, 4 orange, 7 blue, 3 purple.
Recommended time: 09:00
Crystals: 16
Basic score: 82270
Crewmen: 4 (2 in first cave, 2 in the command ship)
Artifact: Hidden in the wall near the reflective shot pickup.
Node: bottom right of the map, under water.
Items: 1x extra ship. 1x reflective shot. 1x triple shot (hidden).

Clear out the jellyfish and help your friendly turrets empty the first cave.
Make your way up, left at the lasers, over and right to the far side of the
map to the first wormhole. you will enter a cave with three wormholes (top
right returns).
Take the top left wormhole. This cave contains timed lasers. deactivate the
switch to disable a laser. Progress past the now deactivated laser and
through another wormhole, which puts you close to where you started the level.

Activate the door switch, opening the top door out of the spinning circles
room, and return to the lasers cave. Enter the hexagonal room for an extra
ship. return to the original wormholes room.

Taking the bottom wormhole gives you access to the node. Continuing at water
level takes you through another wormhole, into an area with spinning doors.
Progress up, hit the switch and head through the two open doors. Heading right
takes you through one final wormhole where you can deactivate a door beneath
the command ship. returning back and heading left takes you up and out
underneath the command ship.

Head left, and into the area you just opened up. Activate the switch. Drop
down into the area with the reflective pickup - the artifact is hidden in
the wall to the left. and
pick up the reflective shot pickup. continue to the door you just opened.
Destroy the cracked wall, and retrieve the triple shot pickup. Head up past
the four timed lasers and into the command ship. Clear the remaining enemy.


"Seek out and destroy the large enemy command centre somewhere on this dark
planet's surface."

Target: Destroy 1x fusion reactor, 5x solar power station, 4x military
palace, 2x control centre.

Gems: 6 green, 7 orange, 9 blue, 3 purple.
Recommended time: 09:15 (05:30)
Crystals: 12
Basic score: 70515
Crewmen: 4
Artifact: (BL) middle right of the map, hidden under the smuggler's cave.
Node: Canyon, bottom left of map.
Items: 1x Extra ship.

You need to disable all the lasers around the top left side of the map. At
the middle right of the map is a smuggler's cave, and under this cave is
another cave containing gems and a crystal. Shoot the bottom right wall in
this cave to reveal the artifact and two purple gems.

At the bottom left is a fusion reactor powering the shields. The node is
in a canyon above this area.


"Shatter the enemy solar power systems, as well as any command buildings
you find."

Target: Destroy 5x solar power station, 10x solar panel station, 4x military
Gems: 3 green, 5 orange, 4 blue, 2 purple.
Recommended time: 09:00  (06:00)
Crystals: 17
Basic score: 68335
Crewmen: 3 (2 top left of map,1 top right of map)
Artifact: (TL) up tunnel on right side of map, reached by shooting the
ceiling in the cave at the end of the bottom jellyfish area.
Node: middle of the map, behind a laser. underwater.
Items: 1x special weapon, 1x extra ship, 1x reflective fire, 1x triple shot,

Follow the route, destroying as you go. head down and right to the first
wormhole. The wormholes are linked, if you repeatedly fly through them you
will return to the start.

You must open four doors to progress to the top of the level. Two of the
switches are in the jellyfish run on the bottom right of the map. one is
right by the doors themselves in the middle of the map (just above the
spinning block area). One is in the diagonal block area to the right of the
spinning blocks.


"Destroy all the underground refineries to heavily disrupt the enemy fuel
supply. Little else is known of this world."

Target: Destroy 8x refinery.
Gems: 7 green, 11 orange, 11 blue, 1 purple.
Recommended time: 08:15
Crystals: 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+
Basic score:
Crewmen: 1+
Artifact: (TL)
Node: Through a wormhole.
Items: reflective fire, extra ship

There are various gem caches around the map hidden behind lasers. If you
want the contents, you should clear the level first before getting the
reflective fire pickup and then carefully bouncing shots into the various
switches to disable the lasers guarding the caches.

To reach the artifact, you need to disable the shield. This is achieved by
pushing the last floating block in the set right underneath the laser and
flying underneath it, taking the wormhole, and hitting the switch to disable
the shield bubble.

There is a wormhole hidden in the right side wall (just past a wormhole out in
the open). This takes you to an area with a block you can shoot to push along.
This leads to a purple gem and more goodies if you have opened the laser,
including node access.


"Our intel reports two large experimental enemy craft which have been
critically damaged during a test flight. move in and finish them off!"

Target: Destroy 2x fusion reactor, 10x blue cell, 4x double blue cell,
6x command centre.
Gems: 10 green, 13 orange, 16 blue, 3 purple.
Recommended time: 09:30 (06:00)
Crystals: 14
Basic score: 88500 (+)
Crewmen: 0
Artifact: (TL) about halfway down the left side of the map in a spiral
Node: Bottom left, hidden behind a shrinker.
Items: 1x triple shot, 1x rear shot, 1x extra ship (hidden)

The extra ship is hidden behind destroyable wall, about halfway down the
left hand edge of the map (horizontally in line with a green crystal). This
area also contains two purple crystals.

The node is at the bottom left of the level. To reach it, you need to shrink
the right hand shrinker, and destroy the wall behind it.


"A small unknown planet has been detected. Probe it for items of interest."

Target: Collect 4x blue gems.
Gems: 30 green, 5 orange, 5 blue, 1 purple.
Recommended time: 04:15 (01:30)
Crystals: 5+
Basic score: 25000 (+)
Crewmen: 0
Artifact: none.
Node: in the water above the first wormhole exit.
Items: 2x special weapon

The wormholes loop around themselves.


"The enemy home world: Something mysterious lies in wait here, but no scouts
have ever made it back to report. You're on your own - good luck!"

Target: Destroy the boss!
Gems: 3 green, 11 orange, 8 blue, 3 purple.
Recommended time: 06:15
Crystals: 14
Basic score: 42600
Crewmen: 0
Artifact: none.
Node: Hidden on the bottom right of the map. shoot the right hand wall.
Items: 1x extra ship, 1x triple shot, 1x reverse fire.

To defeat the boss, clear the pods on the missile launchers Which will cause
them to retract. Repeatedly hit the purple spots in the centre when they are


(B) 8 Bits of Destruction
Kill 255 gun or missile turrets.

(B) Feeble Humans!
Rescue 50 stranded crewmen

(B) Obsolete Technology
Defeat any boss.

(B) Power saving mode
Complete 'Norova' level without refuelling or dying.

(B) Exception Handler
Refuel your ship after the fuel depleted warning message is displayed.

(B) Passive Resistor
Complete 'Vectora' level without firing a single shot.

(B) Out-smarted
Let a homing missile chase you until it runs out of fuel.

(B) Data Miner
unlock any secret level.

(B) Hyperlink
Activate every node in the game, including those in secret levels.

(B) Shiny Trinkets
Collect a total of 10 purple gems across different levels.

(B) I Made This!
Create and publish a level then have it rated by 5 users.

(B) Within acceptable parameters
In manual shield mode, save yourself with only 5% of the shield remaining

(B) Guidance Software Approved
Complete all training lessons

(B) System Analyst
Find 5 user created levels you like, and rate the creators

(B) 00101010
Collect all artifact pieces.

(B) Cache Hit
Find all the gems in every level.

(B) Overclocked
Beat the recommended time on 10 levels.

(B) Retro Fitted
Have rear, side and 3-way fire simultaneously.

(B) Mega Points
gain a score of 1,048,576

(S) End-Of-File
Finish the single player campaign game.


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0.4 18 Dec 2009
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0.2 12 Dec 2009
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0.1 08 Dec 2009
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