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How do I beat Armstrong?

I'm on Revengeance mode, at the part where i lost my sword and it's hand to hand, and every move he hits me with nets me a game over. I've gotten him down to 97.0% before and i still get game over. i know that i can wait fro 2:30 minutes but screw that.

xoden provided additional details:

Im on the part right before that Gixxerk8


Gixxerk8 answered:

When he hits your blade out your hand just go back to your blade and press circle . Then once he starts glowing green to recharge his health hurry behind him and aim directly in the middle of his back . And when he does that running punching hit triangle to sweep while running and he will block it and you will engage in a close combat
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Narugarex13 answered:

1 hit in Rev mode pretty much means you're juked up. You have to survive the allotted time hence getting no damage in the battle.
Be slippery like a baby hippo, this is the only "mandatory waiting game" in the game.
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liampasya answered:

The only thing you can do here is survive until a few minutes so if you see him attacking just parry it but if he do an unblockable attack just dodge it with Ninja Run,after a few minutes there should be a cutscene and you will get to the last phase of the fight.
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DiegoEagler answered:

Im not sure if you have tried this but it seems to be a pretty solid strategy though it may need some practice. Try using the square+x or x+a if you are playing on the xbox, which will allow you to dodge will be useful for the non parry attacks (yellow) you will need to buy this of the skill page of the cutomization screen. Hope it works.
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LULZ64 answered:

You're talking about the part where you're atop Metal Gear Excelsus, right? On Revengeance mode, Armstrong hurts like hell. Try using the skill "Defensive Offensive" to avoid his unblockables (queued by the color yellow).

Just run around the edge of the arena to waste time and avoid getting hit. If he gets too close for comfort, then that;s the time to start doing that dodge move I mentioned.

("Defensive Offensive" actually has invincibility frames that allow you to get out of tough situations. Especially during the fight with Monsoon, the battle with MG Excelsus, and Sam's dash attack during the third phase of his fight).
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Chris_mon97 answered:

Fight and evade, it is the way to chip his health and dodged his unlockable to survive longer. In second phase, be cautious of your next moves and make sure you slash every huge projectile coming at you. If you act cocky and whatever, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE! Maintain your focus on the strategy at hand and you will win. Use Revengence mode as a last resort, if needed.
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