Question from waco2550

How do you do a roll in the game?

Specific details:
-Is it by sequence? (Example: the laser traps in R-01 at somewhere the last part before Mistral how do you exactly get over them? or the Metal gear at R-07 how do you dodge the blades going horizontally?)
-Or is it by pressing some buttons?


Emi3280 answered:

Just keep pressing R1, Raiden will roll automatically over the laser traps. In this game you can't roll freely, like in every other MG game. I hope I helped.
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Emi3280 answered:

Oh, and the blades going horizontally, you just need to block/parry it.
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Althalus2013 answered:

Emi3280 is right, but in addition you can roll towards enemies by pressing square and moving the left analogue stick in their direction while they are not attacking.
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