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Asked: 1 year ago

New game + ?

Is there new game+ to carry over everything?

Accepted Answer

From: rpacis 1 year ago

Yes, go to Story > Chapter and select R-00 to start from the beginning. Although if you are just after the upgrades, then go straight to R-01 and skip the first mission since you only get all your stuff back when you first arrive at the island after the initial duel with Sam.

**IMPORTANT**: DO NOT select Story > New Game as it will wipe out all your customizations and upgrades that you purchased! If you want to start from the beginning on a different difficulty level, just go to Chapter > R-00 and select the difficulty from there.

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Yes, there is.

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Yes just hit continue after the credits and beat the first mission then you'll have everything you've unlocked/upgraded

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New Game + is Continue after the credits but u will start as Raiden with MGS4 cyborg once u hit the beach you get all your items back and upgrades

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