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Asked: 4 years ago

Will the end stories be comic book style or an animated video?

After you beat the game with each fighter, will there be the comic book style ending or an animated video?

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From: CapitalG17 3 years ago

The endings I've seen so far are in a semi-animated "motion comic" style, like the ninja fight on the main menu screen.

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It be cool if did no clue we to wate and see

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Will Liu Kang going be in game ?

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has anyone found out if Brutality's are be in game it cool they did ??

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ed boon needs Fatality's for ones that don't have it and a lot to do this game

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is Liu Kang going be in mk games that comes april 19

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Yes lui Kang is gonna be in the game, and no, just Fatality's and the NEW AWESOME as HELL X-RAY attacks!!!!!!

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