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Asked: 3 years ago

I unlocked 2nd fatalities but they dont work?

Yeah played 6 hours straight, found a couple 2nd fatalities but when i try them out, i cant get them to work? Anyone esle have this issue?

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Okay man will try thanks.

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From: Kenou23201 3 years ago

Check the distance, if you are sure it's not the distance then hold block & release before the last button (i.e square, triangle, circle etc.) & if that's not the case, slow down with the button presses.

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I've done them in fatality training and it notes that you unlocked a secret fatality. Try that.

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Actually, the game will actually tell you to try holding down the L2 while you do the moves necessary to do the fatality leaving the other block button free to use, holding block will hold you still enough to allow you to do those tricky ones that use the up arrow and be able to stay where your supposed to stand to perform the fatality...

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There are a few things you can try. If you look at your move list and see what you need to enter it should tell you what range you should be at one the right side.

Touching: Be right next to
Sweep: Be in leg sweep distance (back and low kick)
Jump: Be in jumping distance. What I do is get right next to them and then I jump backwards, that has worked for me so far
Fullscreen: Should work anywhere

If you do the fatality trainer it should also let you know that you can hold down the block button while you enter the direction commands. This will do two things. First, it will keep you still and within the range you have to be in. Second, some fatalites require you to hit up, blocking will stop your character from jumping which would mess up the move.

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Nah, all u hav to do is to choose the character with the newly opened fatality, enter to a fight ( if you check the movements list the second fatality may or may not appear) then finish the fight or leave the game, finally, choose that character again and the fatality will appear in the list and it will be available. done and tested. good luck mate

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The 2nd fatalities DO work, but the don't show on the fatality tutorial.... you just have to put it in

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Do u have to have the dlc to do reptiles and sub-zeros klassic fatalities?

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I noticed that u have to switch your stance so that your char is facing you/u can see their front. i tried several times when subzero had his back to me and it never worked. my mate did it first time and worked and noticed he was turned towards us

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My opinion go to fatality training menu then do as you do for unlimited time can choose "unlimited time" is better to do any fatality without time limit.

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Be the correct distance away from your victim and hold L2 while performing the Fatality and it should work every time.

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After unlocking it at the Krypt, you have to go to the Fatality Training mode. There if you press Start and go to the move list, the fatality will be shown in the move list and you have to do it regardless of the fatility it tells you to do on top of the screen when unpaused. After doing the Fatality there, it will be available in other modes.

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One thing that I have noticed while doing the fatality, is that you need to press the button after the last pad input, because thats an error I often make, to press <-- +B instead of <-- THEN B =)

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To test out the fatality as fast as possible go to Fatality Trainer, as everyone has been saying, and set the timer to infinite. Then go into the move menu and go to the finishing move section. Go over the second fatality or whatever you are going to attempt. The basics are the controls, but I think you already know that. Look at any actions they tell you afterwards such as "Jump" or "Sweep" or "Touching". If it is Jump move back about 2-3 back steps from the opponent and perform the controls. Sweep and Touching to me seem the same to me, but for Sweeping go close enough to hit the opponent and for Touching go close enough that your character is actually touching the other character. Then perform the controls. Hope this helps!

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Remember distance is everything, if you can maintain that and make sure to have block held down when executing a up movement they should work.

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Nothing that hasnr been said already, where are you standing, makjes all the difference.

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I have also unlocked the hidden fatality but there isnt any trophy for that no trophy was awarded

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