Question from pennywisereject

Asked: 3 years ago

Are bosses unlockable for arcade tower?

The leaks showed arcade endings for the bosses. I'm sure they won't be playable in versus mode, but does anyone know how to unlock them for the arcade tower?

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From: jrasheed00 3 years ago

No bosses are not playable

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That kinda sux, cause if I remember right, in past MK's, wasn't Goro and Shao Kahn Unlockable or at least playable character's?? if it's true, I like how they change things, and they should have at least made Kintaro and Shao Kahn a Playable charecter...

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You remember correctly, but it makes sense that boss characters aren't playable. Just imagine being on-line and everyone choosing Shao Kahn....

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Yeah, but it's easy to beat shao kahn, he's tough and has strong weapons, but he's not as fast and moveable as the other characters, so, it would give the online people a dissadvantage who use him.....

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Kintaro is part of the first DLC Package.


Scarlet (Lady in Red Glitch)

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