Question from magicguy_836

What is Kitana's babaility?

The combination please and distance!!

Accepted Answer

AgentX1888 answered:

it's forward, down, forward, O Jumping Distance. Be warned though that babalities are harder than fatalities the positioning has to be completely precise & button presses a bit faster than fatalities. Also you can't practice babalities in fatality training either.
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TheWildOneV1 answered:

There are no babalities in this game. In fact, I there wasn't any in the last gen games.
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ped1985 answered:

So far noone has confirmed a the babality for kitana that ive found but several others have been confirmed so they do exist. i myself have done kratos's
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kingkrown24 answered:

There are babalities in this game I just did it by accident with cyrax, don't believe me? Try it it's down, forward, back triangle during jump distance. I'm glad they got em back but that's as far as I know of em the rest we're just gonna hafta find out.
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Hondatek answered:

Don't know kitanas but lou kang is down down down circle at jump distance
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