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Asked: 3 years ago

Problem With DLC ???

I PreOrdered A Best Buy and Gamestop Version For Me And My Brother The Costumes Seem To Come Up Just Fine When You Push The Start Button on SuBzero or Scorpion Give you and option to change Costume will say MK1 In ( )
and i have went to the NEKROPOLIS and the Gallery and nothing To be found PLEASE HELP WHER ARE THE TWO CLASSIC FATALITES FOR THESE CHaracters DLC ????????????

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From: DanielDude97 3 years ago

Scorpion's is down, up, up, triangle

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Scorpion: down, up, up, back punch from jump distance (hold down block until you hit punch)
Subzero: forward, down, forward, back punch touching the opponent.

Back punch is triangle on ps3, and I believe 2 on Xbox.
Since you have them unlocked, you can do them in any costume, it doesn't have to be the classic one.

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I don't know if this matters or not, but here's what I did: Go to Fatality Tutorial, but instead of doing the fatality it shows you on screen, do the ones the jonaldson listed. It will say something like "Secret Fatality Unlocked" and then it will perform the fatality. The fatality will then be listed in the characters Move List in the Pause Menu. The same thing goes for the fatalities unlocked from the Krypt.

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Quick correction, Scorpion's is Up Up Down, not Up Up Back.

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