Question from orichikyo03

Asked: 3 years ago

Where do I find the DLC code for Scorpion? My receipt?

Bought the game and Im totally new to DLC stuff and I was wondering where do I get the code for Scorpion's Klassic skin since I bought it at Gamestop? Thank you for your help

Additional details - 3 years ago

Yeah I pre ordered and paid for the game awhile back, So I was supposed to get a card? Huh. Well that sucks. They didnt give anything.

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From: PBJamandJelly 3 years ago

No, there's is no card for the Scorpion DLC. The code will be on your receipt once you purchase the game, just have the cashier highlight it for you, if you want. The cashier where I bought mine from did that w/o hesitation...pretty cool of the guy.

As for the card...Your "Kombat Pass" (and Klassic Ermac skin) with both be on seperate cards in package assuming you pre-ordered either the Kollector's or Tournament Edition of MK.

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You had to preorder for them to give you a card with the code on it

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You have to go to

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It is on the Gamestop receipt you get upon picking up the game, about 3/4 of the the way down the receipt. I entered the code in and had no problems.

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