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Asked: 3 years ago

I need fast cash?

I finished both the story & the tower but I still need about 50.000 to unlock the krypt totally, how 2 do that?

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From: jonaldson 3 years ago

Flawless victories net you 1,000 koins a piece. Put ladder on beginner and play the first match or two over and over.

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There are also several hidden chests in the Krypt that contain 5,000 coins each if you haven't found all of those yet. Just look for some green beetles crawling around in a swarm, then sit there in front of them for a few seconds and it'll say you found the secret chest. Just open 'er up and enjoy.

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If you get all mk dragons in test your luck and win you get 10,000+.

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Play through story and challenge tower all the way and you have more than enough to unlock the entire krypt.Gonna try that green beetle thing tonight.

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