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Kombat Kode not working?

I got the game then i wanted to redeem the kombat kode but it doesnt work what can i do now?

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Actually im in Europe, i got the game around april 15 which means i got it 4-5 days before it's release... i wanted to try the online mode so there i use the code included in the box but the problem is the code doesn't work...i called back the store where i bought the game then they told me that the game is US version then they told me to create a new psn account but this time i should choose USA as a country, but all this stuff just to play online i dont what to say but this is sh1t! i would like to buy the european version but i don't know if the save files will be compatible since i already completed all the challenges in the challenge tower and it pisses me off by the idea of doing it all over again you know...

bebbi82 provided additional details:

Yeah thanks but right now the psn site is under maintenance so i can't make a new us account right now but right now im thinking buying the european version and redo the challenge tower i dont know i tried the online trial but the game is so laggy i cant play properly...

Accepted Answer

MechDutch answered:

On the side of the gamecase it'll tell you if the game is from the US (it has a small icon of a globe and a big fat '1' in the corner). If that is the case, then that's probably the reason why you got it earlier then the Europeans.
In any case, it's not really that hard to make a US account:
Make a new user...pick any adress you like (like the White Houses' for and select the US as the country (US zip codes are 5 digits). Think of a nickname and password, and you're set.
Log in to the US account, enter the code and that takes care of that.
You can resume gaming on your European account with the Kombat Kode in effect.

If however you want to go ahead and buy the EU version, I can't guarantee that your save file will work.

If you need help setting it up, or if you have any questions, add me: Mech-Dutch
Just make sure you tell me who you are when contacting me, otherwise I might delete it withput reading.
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