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Asked: 3 years ago

How can you do a babality?

I was on youtube and it shows you that you could do a babality, how can you do them?

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From: kanjigear 3 years ago

As other people have said, each character has a specific sequence for performing bablities. That said, in order to perform a babality, you must not use block during the final round

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each character has their own sequence for a babality, the easiest babality is Liu Kang's, when you get to do a fatality get as far away from the victim and push down 3 times then push the circle button, or B for 360 players

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Each character has it's own sequence to do them, but also they can only be done in online/vs/or arcade modes.

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First of all just to make things easier, the distancing for babalities are "Jump" so you should back step 2-3 times from your opponent. Next look around for the controls for babalities because I don't believe you'll get them in the game (if you do I'm sorry that was a lie :P). Plus make sure you are not in fatality training mode or in the training section at all (I think) because Babalities will not work there.

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To be sure to beable to do a Babality is to not use the Block button on the Last round of the fight

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Every character has their own button sequence with which to use a Babality.

To be able to use a Babality, you must not use Block on the winning round. This includes using other abilities which require the Block button, such as Enhanced Specials, Breakers, and X-Ray attacks.

I have successfully used Smoke's Babality (Down, Back, Down, Forward, Down) at Sweep distance, Full Screen, and in between, so I do not believe that range matters when using a Babality.

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Each character does have their own specific buttton combination for babalities, and based on the characters the difficulty of performing them does obviously vary. However, you actually are able to press the block button during the final round, so long as you do not actually block an attack. Several times I have accidentaly tapped the block button during the final round but none of these times did it prevent me from completing the babality because i didnt use the block button to prevent an attack. Hope this helps.

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