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Why does Liu Kang die in the cheapest ways lol?

They just had to kill him again, how did he beat almost all the strongest people in the game then die by little things!!

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kingkrown24 answered:

He just wasn't meant to be alive I guess I mean he didn't die cheaply raiden killed him aka a god so of course it's a disadvantage. And the game was meant to kill cause last game he was a zombie so I guess they wanted to give that feeling again I mean he's good but not invincible lol.
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Kenou23201 answered:

Ed boon & Dan Forden stated that they wanted the "hero" to actually be the first hero to die instead of win everything & still be the best at everything, they also stated that Liu Kang's "zombie" form was to keep the series' icon alive, furthermore, Noob Saibot is Ed Boon & John Tobias (spell their last names backwards), it's also the reason he uses two people or a shadow clone if you will, i guess you can consider this as a spoiler if you want...
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acealexander702 answered:

Liu Kang is a power hungry jerk anyway, in every game it talks about him wanting more power, just beat his Ladder mode and you'll know what I'm talking about
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